Where to Go to Find Out If Obamacare Covers Your Medical Marijuana And Other Burning Topics

Still don't know what all this Obamacare holler is all about?

Perhaps you need paneling. With open enrollment looming and a Field Poll showing 24 percent of Californians still know little or nothing about the Affordable Care Act, a panel of experts will answer questions about it from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. today at Garden Grove Regional Library. How the law works, who strongly supported its passage and the personal stories of those affected by healthcare reform are aired at "Countdown to Obamacare," which is presented by the California Endowment and San Francisco-based New America Media.

Mark DiCamillo, vice president of the Field Poll, appears via video to share results of a recent health policy survey, including statistics on support of Obamacare by African-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Korean-Americans and Filipino-Americans.

A mental health physician, student of the Affordable Care Act Adalhi Montes and Betzabel Estudillos, Health Policy coordinator with the California Immigrant Policy Center, are also scheduled to attend.

The library is at 11200 Stanford Ave., Garden Grove. Lunch will be provided, but you need to RSVP to Semany Gashaw, Program Management associate with New America Media, at 415.503.4170, ext.118 or email sgashaw@newamericamedia.org.

Learn more: http://newamericamedia.org/. The event flier follows:


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