Selfies Among Sea Kings? CdM High Students, Parents Warned About "Compromising Photos"

Last year, Newport Harbor High School students were blasted for posting to Facebook photos of dead cats that had been dissected in science classes.

Today, students at Corona del Mar High School, the cross-town rival of NHHS, are being blasted for posting on social media disturbing photos of a different animal: naked apes.

Students and parents at CdM High have been warned about the criminality of distributing "compromising photos of a minor."

Anti-Vivisection Group Demands Facebook Remove Harbor High Students' Dead Cat Photos

This obviously follows some sort of discovery online--selfies among Sea Kings?--that has caught the attention of school officials and Newport Beach Police, reports this Daily Pilot story.

School Resource Officer Vlad Anderson sent out an email Saturday that informed parents students who share inappropriate photos of other minors could be committing felonies, reports the Pilot, which was unable to get specifics about what prompted the letter from the school district or police.

However, the newspaper reports officials followed up Monday with an explanation that "an unfortunate event between students in our school community" was the cause for the warning.

The school sent a second email that included the following:

At times, minors share pictures, images, videos, etc. that are inappropriate (ie: sexual) in nature. The distribution of such images is harmful not only to those in the images, but also those disseminating them. Our message sent Saturday sought to quickly respond in order to protect the victim, mitigate further dissemination and prevent uninformed minors from unknowingly breaking the law and committing a felony by sharing the images.

Jennifer Manzella, the Newport Beach Police spokeswoman, told the Pilot an investigation is under way.

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Your link to the DAILY PILOT is not working

tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

Arrested for taking a picture of a naked person??? - Really.

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@DaniGirl949 You're right. When I clicked, I got the OCW vivisection story, but when I went to check the link it showed it was supposed to go to the Pilot. I deleted and re-linked again so we'll see what happens. You can always try navigating around the Pilot site or call on Mr. Google.


Mr google is not answering - he's out to lunch- thanks for reposting

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