California Republicans Drop Historic Hatreds & Are Ready To Love?

Photo by R. Scott Moxley
California Republican Party boss Jim Brulte: Come on! Give me a hug!
Today's California Republican Party convention at the Hilton in Anaheim raised an important question: Did the hotel staff distribute potent Ecstasy pills?

Republican elected officials, corporate contributors, lobbyists and activists--many of whom over the years relished if not perfected mean-spirited attacks on almost every imaginable minority for the cheap electoral advantages of yesteryear--are now in rave party, touchy-feely mode.

They're smiling and hugging and hugging and smiling--and telling people they've long held in contempt that they really, deeply love them.

During several press conferences inside the convention, party officials championed--gasp!--diversity.

Are you seated?

Setting aside all those Biblical lines they've employed for eons to justify blatant homophobia, California Republicans are even--so sorry, Pat Robertson--allowing openly homosexual Republicans to meet in their midst during the weekend.

(Like at all Evangelical enterprises, self-loathing homosexuals and gays deep in the closet have always been quietly welcomed by the party, especially if they were major donors and strategists, but that's another story.)

Party officials claim they're not just seeking gay support nowadays, they're practically apologizing for past contempt of all communities that have wrecked the party's presidential chances in recent elections: Latinos, Asians, women and urban voters.

(Dear African Americans: Unless "urban" was code for blacks, you weren't mentioned even once. I should note that young, happy-faced, male Vietnamese Americans--dressed like they're applying for lucrative jobs--easily outnumber Latinos and African American convention goers.)

Given that California's electorate has dwindled to 28 percent Republican and Democrats control every branch of state government, the GOP establishment wants the public to know that, as California Republican Party boss Jim Brulte insisted this afternoon, Republicans are determined to be the big-tent party of diversity and inclusion.

Brulte says his goal is for Republicans to "show up in every neighborhood" in the state and make a case for why people should vote for his party's candidates instead of ignoring or insulting chunks of the population.

"You can't catch the wave if you're not up on the board," said a smiling Brulte in a surfing analogy to winning elections.

Fort Lauderdale's talkative Sharon Day, co-chair of Republican National Committee, was in attendance and passionately added, "We have to go where maybe we were uncomfortable before . . . We need to wake up and reach out to communities."

The publicity theme of this GOP convention is "Rebuilding from the Ground Up."

In a separate press conference, Texas Gov. Rick Perry--who was flanked by at least two, serious-looking, white bodyguards in a substantial entourage--advised California Republicans to watch the "words that they use" when talking about minorities.

"That matters," said Perry, who bragged about how his state's elected officials treat Latinos compared to his fellow conservative politicians in California. "We need to talk about things to bring us together."

R. Scott Moxley
Rick Perry: California Republicans should follow the wiser lead of Texas Republicans
The potential 2016 presidential candidate didn't mention any offenders by name, but Orange County's senior, career politician Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) has contemptuously referred to all Latinos as "Pedro" and advocated a federal law that would force even private doctors to lock critically wounded Mexicans outside of hospital emergency rooms rather than offer life-saving medical assistance.

Of course, Rohrabacher--a dope-smoking, Vietnam War dodger, who turned angry chicken hawk after he passed draft age--doesn't really believe such an idea is smart policy. His act is horrible, self-serving Vaudeville. He is one of the Republican Party's major Latino problems because he continually stokes the passions of white bigots in his congressional district merely to insure his re-elections.

Not surprisingly, Rohrabacher--who prefers large quantities of Tequila for his intoxication fuel, diverts campaign contributions to his own bank account and chronically reminds everyone that he knew Ronald Reagan--wasn't around for today's GOP Ecstasy party.

Dana Rohrabacher: Are there any Pedros here who can mow my lawn for a buck?
Perry, who is sporting thick black glasses in an apparent move to make him look smarter following his embarrassing 2012 presidential campaign gaffes, is the keynote speaker for tomorrow's evening gala.

Art Laffer, a Reagan White House economic advisor, joined Perry and claimed that, though he thinks highly of California Gov. Jerry Brown, Texas' policies trump the alleged corrupting influences of the Golden State's public employee unions.

As a result, Laffer asserted, poverty is "substantially lower" in Texas.

A proud Perry added that Texas--not Nevada, Arizona or New Mexico--is the primary relocation spot for fleeing Californians.

Something must be terribly wrong with California's environment if residents are willing to abandon Pacific Ocean beauty, he said.

Perry explained that people don't want to live in a "big government" and "nanny state" climate, and prefer a "limited government" jurisdiction like Texas, where economic growth is the norm.

"Red states are red hot," Perry said about Republican-controlled states. "Everyday citizens are voting with their feet."

Convention festivities are planned for late into the night and resume early on Saturday.

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Dear writer of this clearly bigoted article, your naive characterization of republicans is astoundingly short sighted and shallow, I should expect nothing less in California, where the legislature that has been dominated by democrats, who vote in lock-step for any way to spend more of other peoples money year over year for more than 30 years now, and the brand anyone who disagrees with them as a hater, or anyone who has the sense to imply that the govt. simply spend only as much as we take in, as a terrorist.  

It is quite amusing to witness you and other extreme-far-left-seculars demonstrate your intellectual ineptitude, too busy trying to celebrate and showcase the lifestyle of any and every odd duck in the state, just so long as they aren't Christian.  And if they happens to be Christian, slather on the left wing bigotry, ignorantly lumping all of them in with Catholics, or some silly evangelical from the south.  Unlike the far-left, most conservative do tolerate diversity of opinion, especially when it comes to personal beliefs, the far-left democrats never do, if you dont tow the party line, you are branded a hater.  Just because a person disagrees with the manner in which someone else chooses to live their life, or does not endorse someone else's belief system, does not make them a "hater."   I find the hypocrisy of the extreme-far-left to be remarkable, they preach tolerance, yet they are incapable of being tolerant of a diversity of opinion or thought, slathering anyone as a "hater" that disagrees with how they behave.   For example, just because a person thinks its wrong for women to have children out of marriage, does not make me a hater of women or single mothers. One may in fact care greatly for these sorts of people, but we dont have to celebrate the bad decisions they made. The same goes for the whole marriage/ civil union topic, conservatives dont hate gays over the marriage issue and never have, more importantly a piece of paper does not prevent you from loving someone, and you dont need the government to endorse your lifestyle, get over it.  There are also plenty of gays who dont need or care about the gay-marriage political movement, since they dont wear their sexuality on their sleeve, you cant brand them haters either. 


Don't like California ? Good move to Texas you'll love it there 

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

There's an error in the copy. It should read Dana Rohrabacher (R-Ann Coulter's U-Bend).


Every time I read an article that includes Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa), thoughts of former GOP connected Jeffrey Ray Nielsen comes to mind and the fact that OC District Attorney Rackauckas (GOP) conveniently allowed the statute of limitation for Nielsen's child pornography charges to expire, leading to a dismissal in March 2006.  This is just ONE of many "look the other way", quid pro quo arrangements made here in the OC in the interests of EVIL politics.  A more complete list associating Rohrabacher with political paybacks would be too long to list here. 

The Orange County GOP has made a complete disaster of the party throughout the State of California and attempts to rehabilitate the GOP's image in my personal opinion, further proves the hypocrisy and pay to play politics that will continue to deny civil rights to the non-politically connected, without full accountability in a court of law--A CRIMINAL COURT.  

No doubt the GOP held religious services, prayed before political meetings of the mind and pretended to give a rat's ass about protecting the rights of outsiders.  However, we here in the OC know the truth and cannot stomach the deception, year after year. 


As a moderate fiscal conservative, the GOP left me long ago. I would bet that most of the 28% is in the Agricultural hinterlands vs urban, and short of Secession, slight hope remains, since the rabid ideologues at the top never met a mistake they could learn from, without repeating a few times first. Too little, too late, too bad. My cynical take, is that Perry came here to find the few adults in the room, and try to convince them to move to Texas!


The Socialist State of California will split into 2. there is no doubt about it. one free...the other controlled by the STATE.

and...why do my middle class American kids have $50,000 in student loans ...when 'dreamers' get $50,000 in Cal Grants? doesn't seem right.


I long for the days when just one guy at a time would 'go Postal'.

Instead of the 'not even' 40 disgruntled Congressional Tea Party members and their ineffective Speaker that are out to destroy big Government and everyone else in between too.

Speaker Bohener, at least put up a clean CR so your own party can vote on it. My goodness. This is beyond criminal to the American people at this point.

Stop the d@mn games Sam I am.. 


@STOPTHERECONQUISTA Because your kids are dumb as rocks,

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