Anaheim Ducks Ranked with Second Cheapest "Secondary Market" Ticket Prices in the NHL

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When it comes to tickets in the "secondary marketplace"--which is occupied by everyone from online sellers to your friendly neighborhood scalper--the Anaheim Ducks enter the 2013-14 season with the second-lowest prices in the NHL.

Twenty-eight teams are ahead of the formerly Mighty Ducks, whose median cost of $54 for a secondary ticket is only higher than the Phoenix Coyotes at $49, according to a new report from Vivid Seats.

Chicago-based Vivid Seats is among those secondary market ticket sellers, by the way. Their report find the Toronto Maple Leafs easily top the NHL with a median ticket price of $320, followed by the Winnipeg Jets at $230 and the most-recent Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks at third with $212.

The LA Kings are 17th with a $92 median ticket cost on the secondary market.

The report also looked at the coming season's matchups and found the Leafs have the top 13 most expensive games based on median ticket price. The most expensive non-Toronto game is the New York Rangers vs. New Jersey Devils at Yankee Stadium. And the priciest non-Leafs, non-stadium series games is the Pittsburgh Penguins at Vancouver Canucks on Jan. 7.

Matching up Canadian vs. USA teams showed the median ticket price for Canadian teams is nearly double that of American teams, the Ottawa Senators are the only Canadian team to have a median ticket price of less than $100, while there are 13 American teams besides the Ducks and Coyotes below the $100 mark.

On the next page, the NHL teams from top to bottom by median secondary ticket prices, average ticket prices and number of listings ...

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