10 y.o. Takes Apparent BB Gun Sniper Fire at Elementary School; Shooter Still Out There

An elementary school student in Costa Mesa was struck in the ieg by a small projectile similar to a BB shortly before school began Thursday morning.

The unidentified 10-year-old was treated in the health office and returned to class at College Park Elementary School.

Several students in the school's field area said they had heard what sounded like BB's being shot around 8 a.m. That's about the time At the same time, the student was
struck in the calf.

The Costa Mesa Police Department was called, and an investigation was launched. Anyone with information is asked to call the Detective Bureau at (714) 754-5205.

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JGlanton topcommenter

Yeah, that's it, bring in the detectives and the PD and hunt down the terrorist sniper. Frikkin' ninnies. And nannies. If I had a dollar for every time I got hit by a BB when I was a kid, I could have bought a bike.  BB gun sniping was a hilarious prank, inevitably escalating into BB gun wars. "Ouch!", they sting, that'll teach you to stay behind a tree, sucker. LOL, no parent would have even had the thought that it was a good idea to call in the police and launch an official investigation. Call in the FBI to figure out which mudstained brat fired the first shot? Then what? Make him stay in his room? Make him write "I will not shoot BBs at Bobby" 100 times? LOL, I'd have just switched to the slingshot. The feminization of America marches forward. Forward!

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