Orange County's Vicious Dogs Could Land on Online Database Like Registered Sex Offenders

The county Board of Supervisors gave the initial nod Tuesday to essentially creating a Megan's Law-type list for vicious dogs.

Megan's Law provided the online database for registered sex offenders. So just think of the new proposed site like that. Only with dangerous pooches.

The supervisors voted 4-0 to tentatively approve changes to the county's ordinance regulating vicious dogs to allow for the database. A final vote is scheduled for Oct. 1.

An animal control hearing would be held to determine if a dog is vicious and belongs on the website. But if the owner disagrees with the ruling, an appeal could be filed in Orange County Superior Court and the dog would not be listed as dangerous until the appeal was decided.

The board is also considering allowing owners to get their dogs out of lockup pending the animal control hearing, which has the added benefit of reducing government costs for care.

Informed by the complaints out of Trabuco Canyon about a pit bull owner who allegedly used his pet to intimidate neighbors, the board last summer adopted an ordinance that forbids owners of such beasts from getting any more dogs.

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18usc241 topcommenter

There should be a registry for criminal cops. Nothing is more dangerous to the fabric of a society.

paullucas714 topcommenter

I think I smell another revenue generating scheme. Who's idea was this at the BOS?


Good big government! Good big government! Now, "sit" and "stay". That's it, don't move! Stop passing more and more idiotic laws. We have enough laws and enough government.

If the Sex Offender Registries are about "public safety", "protecting children", and all those other lies that big government continually spouts, why has big government not created all the rest of the Registries that are needed to keep us all "safe"? I personally CANNOT believe that we Register "sex offenders" for life and just ignore career criminals. CANNOT believe it!

The Sex Offender Witch Hunt is quite transparent. Hey, Halloween is coming up, we probably need some more big government to "protect" us that day instead of "protecting" us from career criminals.

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