Thomas Quinn of Newport Beach Sues Claiming City's Cops Pantsed Him ... Then Beat Him

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A Newport Beach man is suing his city's police department for alleged excessive force.

Thomas Quinn, who is seeking unspecified damages in his complaint filed in Orange County Superior Court, alleges Newport Beach cops pulled his pants down and punched him in the face and neck the night of Nov. 29, 2012.

Quinn's ex-girlfriend had called police to say her ex-boyfriend had stolen property from her. A responding officer became "enraged" when Quinn informed any of her property in his home had been brought there by her, according to the suit.

That's when it's claimed the cop patted Quinn down, made it so those passing by could see London, France and Quinn's underpants, shoved him into a wall and initiated the beat down.

He was batted about by that cop some more, then held down while another officer joined in, according to the lawsuit, which goes on to claim Quinn was handcuffed and beaten yet again.

Quinn's suit claims he was taken to a hospital by an ambulance and later booked into the Newport Beach Jail on suspicion of obstructing a police officer in the performance of his duties.

Newport City Attorney Aaron Harp confirmed to the Daily Pilot Quinn was taken into custody that night, but the lawyer characterized the excessive force allegations as being without merit.

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I find the police departments of OC pathetic and ruthless. When will something finally be done about this? 

Just read the many other articles in this publication about all the corruption within the police departments, and tell me his accusations are without merit. 

I have personally had an experience of excessive force with NBPD, and witnessed countless others. When I lived in a well known apartment complex in NB, police regularly awaited nearby for phone calls from the grounds security (who was a righteous idiot) I watched police regularly beat the crap out of people for being intoxicated (on the apartment property), hopping a fence, or doing some other minor stupid act, because I lived near one of the entrances.

One time I watched them beat a guy (for being drunk), got him face down on the ground, handcuffed him, hogged tied his feet together with zip ties to the handcuffs and carried him out like this and threw him into the back of the police car, right outside my front door!

I would love to contact Mr. Quinn and tell him my horrid story, but honestly, I am terrified of the backlash I would receive. I believe I would have to move out of state to avoid harassment.

Just as your articles prove, the courts, the judges, the DA's, even the public defenders, are all in cahoots, and he will never get a conviction. Which breaks my heart. SOME ONE needs to expose these a$$holes for what they really do. And to think that they claim they "serve & protect". What a crock of sh*t!

How can this problem be solved? All new "honest" judges? Is that ultimately who it comes down to? Just wondering?


All of these accusation are without merit, until the video comes out and the tax payers have to subsidize more bad cops and pay their bills while their union cries about how they are not treated fairly. I will not be holding my breath for the investigation to be anything but dismissive of the allegations and hospital records.

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