Silverado Film Festival: And Now for Your Complete Schedule of Truly Intriguing Flicks

Silverado ... ready for its closeup.
As our Film page story indicates, not all selections in the second annual Silverado Film Festival could be mentioned due to the print edition deadline (and, come to think of it, space contraints).

That's because the submission deadline was only last Friday and the festival runs 6-10 p.m. tonight through Sunday night. But event organizer did later send us the schedule on the next page.

Big Footsteps: Silverado Film Fest Honors Huell Howser

Silverado Film Festival
The second annual festival honors Huell Howser with his video visits to Orange County shown between films and this promotional Photoshop job.

2nd annual Silverado Film Festival schedule


6-7 p.m.: The Salty Suites (folk/bluegrass)

7-10 p.m.: Bee Happy by Jacob Taylor (3 mins.). It's a short portrait documentary of Bill Walter of Guerilla Beekeepers, LLC.

Still by Ruby Stocking (10:46 mins.). The story dives into the life of Carlos Eyles, an author, free diver and ocean photographer.

A Salton Soul by Mike Agnew (12:45 mins.). The story of the decay and life of the Salton Sea told through the memories of June Eiler.

Among Giants by Ben Mullinkosson (13:42 mins.). Risking injury and incarceration, an environmental activist disrupts the clear-cutting of an ancient redwood grove by sitting on a tiny platform up in the tree canopy.

California's Green with Huell Howser "Chaparral" (28:58 mins.). Huell follows Rick Halsey, director of the California Chaparral Institute, on a rugged journey to learn about California's least understood and most valuable shrub-land ecosystem.

Full Bloom by Malina Fagan (7:43 mins.). Amid the hustle and bustle of San Francisco rests the Alice Street Community Gardens located in the South of Market district. The garden provides elderly and disabled residents of the surrounding apartments with a plot to grow their plants.

February by Gail Swanlund (3:16 mins.). California birds. Not a straight narrative, just kind of moody.

Breathe Life by Samantha Andre (17:21 mins.). Follows the surfing Montelone family as they live with their "Brady Bunch" of a family including three kids with Cystic Fibrosis and two without.

Karisma by Molly Woodstock Gard (13:52 mins.). Six-year-old Amelia Grace has spent her short life struggling against chronic illness and severe anxiety. To complicate matters, her father is on an extensive tour of duty as a soldier in Afghanistan. Luckily, Amelia Grace has found comfort through treatment at Bethany's Gait, an equine-assisted psychotherapy center located in San Juan Capistrano.

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