Orange County Sheriff's Car in Handicap Space at Kidney Dialysis Center Draws Facebook Slap

Facebook/Orange County, Ca COPWATCH
A photo of an Orange County Sheriff's Department cruiser parked in a spot for handicapped motorists in front of a medical facility is raising eyebrows online.

Here is a larger view courtesy of the Facebook page Orange County, Ca COPWATCH:


It was apparently shot at Davitia Dialysis, which provides "a range of dialysis treatments and support services for patients living with chronic kidney failure." Based in Colorado, the company has two centers in Anaheim.

"Orange County COPWATCH was designed and intended both to promote public safety and to ensure that police officers remain accountable for their actions," reads the "About" page on Facebook, which urges members of the public to upload their own photos and videos. "ALWAYS FILM THE POLICE!"

The page solicited captions from followers after supplying their own: "Dude, it doesn't matter that we took the handicapped spot in front of the dialysis care center, those people don't have enough time to worry about it, and they are paying us! Lets just go eat BBQ"

One commenter wrote, "You have contacted the watch commander about the disregard this officer is clearly showing for the citizens of San Juan Capistrano right?" while another remarked, "Better doing that then hurting the people they are to protect and serve!"

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