Anna's Linens is Interested in What Your Neighbors Have Seen and/or Heard

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Beats me why a home decor company would care about your neighbors but Costa Mesa-based retailer Anna's Linens has released a national study showing one in five people have done or said something embarrassing that a neighbor has seen or heard.

Of the 3,100 people polled nationally, 18 percent said their neighbor has seen them in an embarrassing situation and 14 percent overheard a neighbor discussing or saying something they wish they hadn't heard.

Other findings:

* More than 60 percent of those surveyed said they consider themselves "excellent" or "good" neighbors.

* 47 percent believe their next-door neighbors are "good," 35 percent rate them "OK," and 13 percent find them "great."

* But 44 percent preferred their childhood neighbors over their current ones.

* Four percent indicated they had borrowed something from their neighbor (e.g. newspaper, hose, ladder) without them knowing. Twice as many suspect their neighbor has borrowed something from them without asking.

Anna's Linens, which was founded in 1987 and is named after current chairman and CEO Alan Gladstone's mother, employs more than 3,200 and operates more than 300 stores throughout 19 states and Puerto Rico.

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