Jenna Jameson Spreads Her Legs Again for the Porn Industry?

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Jenna Jameson famously announced at the AVN Awards several years ago that "I will never spread my legs for this industry again."

But the estranged mom of a Huntington Harbour family is reportedly now spreading her legs for the porn industry again.

The NSFW ("The Institute for the Advanced Study of Insensitivity and Pornography") has two items claiming this is so for Club Jenna.

First, she is apparently shaking her assorted money makers for, a view and chat site that has visitors watch chicks get nekkid and chat back and forth about the escalating tensions in Syria--which is my new euphemism for stripping, rubbing and throbbing on command.
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South's second item is on Jameson apparently heading to Texas to have a mold made of her vagina for a Fleshlight. You'll recall Fleshlights from that secret corner of your cupboard where ... er ... I mean, you'll remember them from R. Scott Moxley's coverage of a Fleshlight lawsuit involving another Orange County-based porn performer.

Little Lupe Fuentes' Vaginal Likeness Lawsuit Moves From California Courts To Texas

Speaking of previous Navel Gazing coverage, I've written here extensively about Jameson coming up on the losing end of a lawsuit brought by an Illinois moviehouse owner who lost thousands of dollars because the porn actress called in sick to scheduled appearances tied to her mainstream flick Zombie Strippers. Photos later emerged proving Jenna was not sick in bed as her reps claimed but partying with Perez Hilton in LA.

Jenna Jameson Must Produce a lot of Bones; $92,000 Judgment in Zombie Strippers Suit

I bring this up because cinema-chain owner Ted Bulthaup reached out to me recently for information on how to locate Jameson because she supposedly had not yet paid up her judgment. I could not help him then but I can now; he can either go to where they make free cam shows or Fleshlight molds and see if she shows.

It's unclear where she would stick a court summons, but surely her adoring new porn industry fans can chat some suggestions.

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