Matthew Andrew Linville Could Get 3 Years and Sex Offender Tag for Grabbing Women's Butts

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Update No. 4 on Page 2 has the charges and possible prison time facing (first name corrected) Matthew Andrew Linville. Update No. 3 at the bottom of the next page is on why police suspect him. Update No. 2 is on the 19-year-old's arrest. Update No. 1 is on a groper having apparently struck twice at Bella Terra Mall.

ORIGINAL POST, SEPT. 5, 10:19 A.M.: Police in Huntington Beach are searching for a man who tried to sexually assault a 28-year-old jogger.

But, based on the artist's rendering of the suspect released by the cops, I can't tell if I'm looking at the suspect or the jogger.

I mean, come on, kinda hot, right?

Am I the only seeing this?

Courtesy of Huntington Beach Police Department
The woman was running in the area of Huntington Village Lane and Center Avenue around 6:45 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28, when she noticed a man following her. So she ran toward the Artisan Apartments, where she lives, and got behind an unlocked gate thinking he might not follow.

She thought wrong.

The man confronted her, tore her shirt, threw her to the ground, grabbed her and assaulted her. But her screams for help woke a neighbor who rushed out of his unit, prompting the attacker to flee.

Besides the composite sketch, Huntington Beach Police released this description of the sicko based on two witness accounts: Hispanic, 5-foot-10 or -11, 140 pounds with short dark hair and last seen wearing a light gray T-shirt, dark jeans and black shoes with orange laces.

Anyone with information that can help catch the chick, I mean, guy is asked to call HBPD Detective Tunstall at 714.536.5995.

UPDATE NO. 1, SEPT. 18, 10:03 A.M.: Police believe the same man who grabbed a handful of lady jogger in Huntington Beach on Aug. 28 struck again last Friday (the 13th!).


The attacker in the latest crimes fit the same general description in the original post--right down to the black shoes with orange laces--and now police have added a target age: 23 to 27.

The sexual batteries happened between 10:40 a.m. and 11:44 a.m. in the lingerie department of the Burlington Coat Factory at Bella Terra Mall as well as the center's parking structure at 7777 Edinger Ave., according to police.

Besides the composite sketch from the jogger attack, police released video from outside the coat store, although the only version with an embed code I could find came from KABC7 television, so you have to watch a brief commercial first (sorry):

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Huntington Beach Police Department at 714.375.5066. The PD's advisory is on the next page ...

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