TSA Provides a Look at the Ammo That Caused a Fuss at John Wayne Airport Last Week

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Photo courtesy of the TSA
As you might expect, the grenade sting ball and three military artillery fuses found in checked luggage at John Wayne Airport Aug. 27 made the TSA's roundup of arms, ammo and other curious items found last week at the nation's airports.

Gregory Thomas Salyer, Discharged Marine, Faces 8 Years for Drugs, Artillery in JWA Bags

The Orange County District Attorney's office announced last week that recently discharged Marine Gregory Thomas Salyer, 23, of Lexington, Kentucky, faces up to eight years in state prison if convicted of having the stolen military items in his checked baggage and a small knife and about 300 steroid and Adderall pills in his carry-on at the Santa Ana airport.

Read about the items at SNA and the nation's other airports HERE.

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come on...........just a few souvenirs............


-___- good to go devil dog i guess we just steal from the marine corps don't worry the green weenie will get theirs

David William Wagner
David William Wagner

What I find more disturbing is how the television show airplane repo showed us all how to break into the OC airport

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