Gabrielle Jane Nestande of Powerful Orange County GOP Family Assaulted in Texas Jail

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Gabrielle Jane Nestande, the former Newport Beach deb and California GOP family scion, was reportedly assaulted Saturday in a Texas jail where she is near the end of a 180-day sentence for criminally negligent homicide.

A fellow inmate in the Travis County Correctional Complex allegedly hit Nestande on her "head, face and body with closed fists," according to an arrest affidavit.

The document indicates Nestande, who was also grabbed by the throat and left with a laceration above her left eye and contusions to the right side of her head, did not know why 27-year-old Rachel Denise Castillo assaulted her.

Castillo, who was put in solitary confinement after the incident, was a new transfer into Nestande's section of the jail, according to the former Texas capital aide's attorney Perry Milton, who noted his client is scheduled to be kicked loose Sept. 20.

The alleged attacker's rap sheet includes convictions for theft, driving with a suspended license, prostitution and--like Nestande--driving while intoxicated (although Castillo did not kill anyone).

After a night in 2011 of beers, vodka and a shot to celebrate an award she received at the Texas Capitol, where the former campaign worker for Gov. Rick Perry served as an aide for a Republican representative, Nestande plowed into a nanny out for an early morning walk and left her to die.

The "Gabby Nasty" case was a huge sensation in the Austin area, where courtroom observers and the family of the late Courtney Griffin feared Nestande would cash in on her and her family's deep political connections. State prosecutors eventually took over the case from their local counterparts and despite no blood test having been administered to Nestande immediately after the incident, more serious charges of driving drunk and killing someone were filed against her.

Gabrielle Jane Nestande Whisked Off to Texas Jail for 180 Days for Hit-and-Run Homicide
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While jurors found her guilty of criminally negligent homicide, a judge who among other supporters heard from the defendant's father Bruce Nestande, an adviser to the Orange County Republican Party and previous state assemblyman, county supervisor and campaign chairman to various high-profile GOP candidates, sentenced her to 180 days in jail last March.

The Texas legal system is not done with Gabby, who is the half-sister of Assemblyman Brian Nestande (R-Palm Desert), as she is being sued in civil court for millions of dollars by Griffin's parents.

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Joey Callo
Joey Callo

Nice comeback tubby, Whats your ride pulling Power+Weight ratio? Oh thats right 0 your fucking fat.

vegandawg23 topcommenter

Gustavo and Al Sharpton are working on exposing this racist attacker and seeing that she is brought up on federal hate crime charges and violating Gabby's civil rights.

vegandawg23 topcommenter

Attacker was likely a racist and committing a hate crime.


"observers and the family of the late Courtney Griffin feared Nestande would cash in on her and her family's deep political connections."

180 days? It sounds to me like those "deep political connections" came through!

Andrew Nava
Andrew Nava

kill this bitch...drink her blood n set her family on fire....fuck the rich pussy fucks who run the o.c. n shit....lets see them walk into an anaheim ghetto n walk out alive.....this bitch shuld have been missing an ear from being in u gonna get drunk,kill someone and only serve so little time?fuckin punk hoe,someone shoot this bitch

Mayling Tate
Mayling Tate

Really?!? 180 days is all she was sentenced to? What the fuck?

John Juan Adams
John Juan Adams

Connected RepubliKKKan SCUM. Too bad this is all the nasty ass skank got. Oh BOO HOO.

John Hald
John Hald

stupid rich cunt. I'm sure shes only doin 180 days because she has hookups and thats bullshit. my dad did longer for dui and didnt hit anyone


I was quite aghast at the extent of the sentence for a conviction of this kind. 

However, this defendant was sentenced by a court of law to a period of incarceration / loss of freedom. She was NOT sentenced to corporal punishment and possible death or permanent physical damage.

Unless an inmate is sentenced to said corporal punishment, it is the government's duty to make sure that the sentence is carried out as prescribed and ensure the physical safety of the incarcerated, as well as provide for adequate medical care.

American prisons are a disgrace.

949girl topcommenter

She got off so easy with her sentence that she deserves that assault in my opinion.

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@Guest Here's hoping when she gets out she uses her political connections to help reform jails in ... uh ... Texas.

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