Dave Hester, Ex-Costa Mesa Thrift Store King, Wins a Round in Suit Against Storage Wars

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We've reported over these many months about former Costa Mesa thrift store king Dave "YUUUP!" Hester suffering legal setbacks in his lawsuit against the makers and presenters of A&E's Storage Wars.

But like an expensive diamond ring plucked from an abandoned storage unit otherwise filled with peanut butter-stained undergarments, the original cast member grabbed a court victory today.

Dave Hester, ex-Costa Mesa Thrift-Store Mogul, Sues TV's "Fake"
Storage Wars for Firing Him
A&E Response Sounds Like Network Wants to Mothball Dave Hester's
Storage Wars Lawsuit
Dave Hester, Ex-Costa Mesa Thrift Store King, Losing Early in His Suit Against
Storage Wars

The former proprietor of Newport Consignment Gallery & Rags to Riches thrift store in Costa Mesa claims the option was not picked up for another season on Storage Wars because he'd complained producers rigged their "reality show."

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson, who previously tossed Hester's claim of unfair business practices by Original Productions and A&E Television Networks, ruled today that the wrongful termination part of the suit can move forward. The judge explained he was unconvinced by the defense that Hester's claim infringes on the companies' First Amendment rights.

Hester has alleged in his suit nearby everything on Storage Wars was "faked," including valuable items being planted in storage lockers. His attorney portrays his client as a "whistleblower." "They didn't like the fact my client exposed this show as a sham," Martin Singer, Hester's lead attorney, reportedly told City News Service.

The suit claims Hester warned producers some things they were doing for the camera may even be illegal.

Besides allowing the complaint to move forward, Johnson ruled Hester can seek punitive damages.

Attorneys for the production company and cable network say they will discuss with their clients whether to appeal. Hester's case would he held up until resolution of the appeal.

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Dave seems bitter....or is that fake too? if he is a nice guy when he is not on storage wars then he should get an Emmy because he sure is a dick


Dave is a MEGA DOUCHE BAG.. bastard sells his shit at the swap meet and thinks he is a super fucken star.. i asked this mother faget for a picture (i waited until he had no customers) and the faggot told to come back after 3p it was around noon...FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK YOOOUUUUU dave!!


He's a jackass, but he's probably right about the staging and fakeness.


rrl1965I agree, Dave Hester is a jackass, but its also my opinion that he's a sham himself. He was palling around with George Osumi (the dude who was stealing from clients of a wine storage facility) for YEARS. The two of them frequently worked deals on consignment items, often hung out together at Havana Cigar shop in Tustin and went fishing together.They 'might' have even been physical partners ( given the fact that George Osumi had gay sex encounters with their mutual friend, Tommy) Who knows...Regardless, Hester seems shammy to me. There's a famous quote that goes something like,"You are the company you keep"

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