Connor Bishop Zion Shot Dead, Deputy and Two Others Stabbed in Wild Night in Laguna Niguel

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By the time the smoke cleared from a domestic disturbance call in Laguna Niguel Tuesday night, a 21-year-old resident had been shot dead by an Orange County sheriff's deputy and his mother, roommate and another deputy had been stabbed.

Connor Bishop Zion was pronounced dead at the scene by Orange County Fire Authority paramedics, and the three people who were said to have been stabbed by him were taken to a local hospital, according to authorities.

Details on how this all happened and what motivated the attacks are sketchy, and the sheriff's department and Orange County District Attorney's office are still investigating, according to a sheriff's statement.

Around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, deputies responded to the 200 block of Chandon, a neighborhood of upscale condominiums, where one stabbing victim was found lying in the street. The sheriff's department put it this way: Zion's mother and roommate were stabbed in an altercation, and "during the response to the call for service, one deputy was attacked by the suspect and another deputy shot and fatally wounded the assailant."

The injured deputy was being treated for stab wounds to both arms, according to his department. His injuries were reported to be non-life threatening. Don't know about the civilians yet.

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18usc241 topcommenter

Unless the story changes, I would say someone coming at you with a knife having already demonstrated his intention to use it constitutes grounds for liquidation.


I bet this was motivated by race.... had to be a police officer was involved.... 


According to, Zion had a previous DUI and the charge shown below was dismissed.  This is truly sad based on the death of Zion's mother and the injuries of others. 

08/26/2012 11364.1(a) HS M Possession of opium pipe and/or controlled substance paraphernalia NOT GUILTY 11/27/2012 Dismissed 02/28/2013

Cannot help but wonder if DA Rackauckas should spend more time enforcing drug and alcohol related issues, via mandated rehab, etc., versus running around the County arresting Johns and publishing their names on his website.  I can think of others who would still be alive IF Rackauckas had done his job, specifically, the alcohol and drug related charges involving Austin Jeffrey Farley, who is accused of murdering a 14 year old, Ashton Sweet while intoxicated. 

According to, Farley's criminal trial is currently being held in Dept. W18; however, there has not been any media coverage since it was publicized that every OC judicial officer recused itself from Farley's murder case, and the case was going to be heard by a Riverside County Superior Court Judge. 


Connor Zion won 2 DanceSport medals in the junior olympics in 2003.  Looked like a very athletic young man.  Photos on his google+ and facebook reveal him posing in several shots with what appears to be a samurai sword.  

Really confused about the whole thing--what was the motivation for his attack?  Was he perhaps under the influence of something?  Not justifying the attack on police but if the injuries were nonfatal did they warrant shooting the 21 year old to death?  Neighbors say they heard several (at least 10) gunshots.  This boy was armed with a knife.  Neighbors are now fearful.  Mother attacked by her own son, son then killed by police.  Videos show he was quite a talented dancer.  Sad story all around.


@mophisto.waltz i personally whooped this kid and told his bodyguard (paid by his mother) to not let him keep thinking the big game he pulls is legit. no race issue. the kid was a jerk.


@anonymous Actually he has 3 total entries on

-dismissed vehicle infraction [windshield/side window obstruction];
-dismissed misdemeanor [possession of opium pipe/controlled substance paraphernalia];
-misdemeanor of DUI for controlled substance and DUI for alcohol/drugs; he plead guilty and was convicted of both.

So essentially, he got popped for driving dirty and having the related paraphernalia but they dismissed the paraphernalia charge (kind of redundant with 2 DUIs that carry the harsher penalty).

I fail to see how the paraphernalia dismissal would have potentially prevented this event.  Though I wholeheartedly agree that he should have been receiving appropriate drug treatment and this specifically could have prevented the situation.

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