Chris Kluwe and Matt Leinart Looking for Jobs as Both Local Products are Cut by NFL Teams

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Chris Kluwe
So much for the eras of Chris Kluwe in Oakland and Matt Leinart in Buffalo as both were cut Sunday by the Raiders and Bills respectively.

Kluwe, a recent Weekly cover boy, lost the Silver and Black punting job to Marquette King, while pride of Mater Dei High Leinart was cut after five days and one poor start with the Bills.

Chris Kluwe, Former Weekly Cover Boy, One Step Closer to Being the Oakland Raiders' Punter; Matt Leinart Shuffles Off to Buffalo

Befitting his social media saavy, Kluwe tweeted his goodbye to Oak Town:

"Thanks to everyone at the Raiders for the opportunity this preseason. It was a blast. @MarquetteKing's got a bright future with you guys!" Kluwe tweeted from @ChrisWarcraft, his often used Twitter account.

"Feel like we both had a pretty strong preseason. No regrets."

In a later tweet, the Los Alamitos High grad noted he would be spending his first Labor Day in 17 seasons somewhere other than on a football field.

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Matt Leinart
Kluwe had spent eight seasons out of UCLA with Minnesota before the Vikings cut him and the Raiders (Leinart's former team) picked him up.

Leinart, who had a stellar career at USC after Mater Dei but has struggled in the pros with Arizona, Houston and Oakland, also took to Twitter to reveal he'd been cut by the Bills.

"Tough game. Tought situation. No excuses. Thanks [sic] you to the Bills organization! #FightOn," he tweeted via @MattLeinartQB.

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Maybe Chris can focus on his shitty gaming shop and the shitty service you get there! 


Kluwe is probably in the top 20 punters right now, but his cap hit is pretty high. Makes me sad 'cause he's one of my favorites.


Funny how Kluwe's and Tebow's careers have mirrored each other. Besides both being controversial figures, they both got picked up by new teams at the same time, and they both got cut by said teams at about the same time. Maybe they should get together and do a public debate tour. I'd pay to see 'em! ;-)

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