Cassidy Lynn Campbell, Transgendered Homecoming Queen, is Already Sad: Video

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Marina High School's Cassidy Lynn Campbell
UPDATE NO. 1, SEPT. 12, 12:52 P.M.: A progressive media watchdog group is blasting the education editor of a news and opinion site founded by Tucker Carlson and a former adviser to Dick Cheney for posting that Cassidy Lynn Campbell is "running for homecoming king, queen, whatever."

Eric Owens was actually poking fun at two transgender homecoming students, notes Media Matters for America, which like Owens' The Daily Caller is based in Washington, D.C.

Owens referred to Campbell as a "male student" running for homecoming queen and noted that Pennsylvania school officials moved Kasey Caron from the homecoming king ballot to the queen ballot because the student who identifies as a male "apparently still has a vagina."

"Owens' piece adds to a steady stream of anti-LGBT commentary at The Daily Caller," reflects Media Matters. "The website has become a reliable defender of Russia's crackdown on LGBT people, while Owens has used his platform as education editor to deride the 'big fuss' made by transgender students seeking equal rights and to express his outrage over a college assigning students a book featuring gay characters."

UPDATE NO. 2, SEPT. 20, 2:33 P.M.: Cassidy Lynn Campbell is one step closer to being crowned Marina High School's homecoming queen tonight.

She was reportedly named today to the homecoming court, making her one of five girls who received enough votes to be finalists for the top honor that will be bestowed at halftime of Marina High's 7 p.m. football game, according to City News Service.

The other girls in the homecoming court were identified as Shellim Duke, Cassidi Palma,
Amanda Tran and Courtney Waked.

Campbell reportedly told the Los Angeles Times she realizes the homecoming race is "bigger than me" and that, "I'm doing this for the kids who can't be themselves."

UPDATE NO. 3, SEPT. 22, 6:07 P.M.: Cassidy Lynn Campbell made history Friday night, being crowned Marina High School's homecoming queen.

"I'm so proud to win this, not just for me but for everyone out there and for every kid--transgender, gay, bisexual, straight, black, white, Mexican, Asian--it doesn't matter, you can be yourself," she is quoted as saying via City News Service.

She expressed pride in her school, administration and the student body "for making this happen."

"That's what means more to me than anything," she reportedly continued, "that they chose me."

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