Cassidy Lynn Campbell, Transgendered Homecoming Queen, is Already Sad: Video

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See Update No. 4 on Page 2 about Cassidy Lynn Campbell posting a video where she says she is sad due to the haters. Update No 3. is on her being crowned homecoming queen Friday night. Update No. 2 is on her being voted to the homecoming court. Update No. 1 is on a media watchdog blasting a news and opinion site editor for trashing the history-making transgendered student.

ORIGINAL POST, SEPT. 10, 9:41 A.M.: If she wins, a Marina High School homecoming queen candidate would reportedly make history. No, Cassidy Lynn Campbell would not be the first ever to have a tiara placed on her head without bitchy death stares from the runners-up. It's said the 16-year-old Huntington Beach resident would be the nation's first transgendered homecoming queen.

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She'll find out whether she received the most votes on Sept. 20, reports CBS2′s Stacey Butler, who spoke with Campbell as the teen prepared for a back-to-school dance Friday.

Refreshingly, Campbell told the reporter the majority of her classmates have embraced her being transgender. She's always been known as a girl to them despite being born a boy named Lance. Hey boy-to-girl transformation videos have hundreds of thousands of YouTube views.

Campbell obviously understands how symbolic it would be to win the homecoming queen crown (although it's an honor just to be nominated blah-blah-blah ...)

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"I'm a girl and if my school could recognize me as what I have always wanted, the world has always recognized me my entire life, that would be such an accomplishment," she reportedly told Butler.

Her mother does confide in the piece it is difficult to take haters on social media. No one wants to see their child hurt, physically or emotionally. But in the same breath the mom explains she's embraced her former son becoming her daughter--and being put out there now as a potential homecoming queen.

Mom's words hopefully echo what can be said of society as a whole: "It's amazing, I just think how far we have all come."

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