Video: Families of Police Brutality Victims Marched in Anaheim a Year After Manuel Diaz Shooting

Josue Rivas / OC Weekly
The mother of Manuel Diaz hugs a supporter.
"He is not a police [officer], a police [officer] is supposed to protect and serve," said Genevieve Huizar while speaking about the Anaheim cop who killed her son, 25-year-old Manuel Diaz, in July 2012. Diaz, considered a gang member by law enforcement officers, was unarmed at the time of the shooting. This incident and other altercations between the Anaheim Police Department and the community evolved into days of rioting and protesting, bringing worldwide attention to the city hosting the "happiest place on earth."

One year after the unrest in Anaheim, families of police brutality victims from Anaheim, Oakland, Sacramento, Ventura, Los Angeles and San Francisco came together to share stories and demand justice for their loved ones who were allegedly victims of police brutality. "Finally the families of police brutality victims have a voice," Elizabeth Adam said. She drove from Auburn, California to join the march. Her son Robert Henning was fatally shot by L.A. deputies in 2012. The Anaheim Police, with support of the Orange County Sheriff's Department, monitored protesters' move. According to a source, undercover police blended in as part of the crowd to keep their peers informed of any plans of moving towards Disneyland, which never happened.
Josue Rivas / OC Weekly
Anaheim Police monitoring the protesters from a Bank of America building across from the Anaheim Police Department.
View our video from the demonstration here:


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In Burlington, IA, a severely disabled man was struck in the back of the head with an aluminum bat by a stranger.  It split the skin open across the back of his head, smashed his Bone-Anchored Hearing Air (B.A.H.A.) and tore the flesh away from the titanium skull mount.  The attacker, who did not know the victim, did this because the victim was gay.  The police filed simple assault charges on the attacker.  He served 60 days of a 100-day sentence.  Why weren't charges for attempted murder or assault with a deadly weapon brought against this repeat criminal?  Why wasn't the attacker charged with a HATE CRIME?  Why did the victim, who underwent surgery on his skull, receive compensation for pain & suffering?  Ask the homophobic county attorney, Patrick Jackson.  Why did the police officer who arrived to assist the bleeding victim shoot him in the chest, from less than 2-feet distance, with his TASER gun? 

18usc241 topcommenter

This article is why I have stated at Anaheim city council meetings that law enforcement in Orange County, CA don't give a damn about the gang member problem here -  you can't care about crime in general and gang member crime in particular when you are using gang member types to commit crimes for you. All you care about is your overtime / career advancement / jackpot pensions and the federal grant money that funds it all. Bernie Madoffs except with less ethics because at least Madoff was never accused of attempting to murder one of his victims in order to keep his gutter trash life going.

18usc241 topcommenter

But for sheer luck, I would be dead approximately 14 years now. Your law enforcement community in Orange County, CA is capable of attempted murder and fleeing the scene. Therefore, your law enforcement community in Orange County, CA has committed murder. 

And if these criminals were capable of harming this Hispanic American man given the context then God only knows what these animals have done to people in communities like Anna Drive and Guinida Lane.

paullucas714 topcommenter

keep it up. All they need to do is make the police and elected officials face the same consequences as the average guy does when they are in trouble. Each and every time the cops always get a pass by the DA saying that the shooting was justified or ok. Look at George Jaramillo and Mike Carona. They still get their pensions. everyone else would have all their property taken their bank accounts cleared out and thrown in prison for life.

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