Slidebar Agrees To Settle Ex-Bouncer Lawsuit Stemming From Kelly Thomas Killing

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Sources: Slidebar's Popoff reluctantly agreed to settle sensational lawsuit only for financial reasons
Lawyers for Fullerton's popular Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen agreed this month to settle a wrongful termination lawsuit filed last year by a disgruntled bouncer who claimed he was fired for not remaining silent about his alleged observations relating to the 2011 police killing of Kelly Thomas.

Michael Reeves filed a notice of settlement on Aug. 1 with Orange County Superior Court Judge Craig Griffin and declared that the deal is contingent upon the successful execution of terms that were not disclosed in court documents.

Griffin vacated the Feb. 10, 2014, jury trial date and scheduled a Dec. 4 hearing that could result in the formal dismissal of the lawsuit.

Reeves, who worked the night cops gruesomely killed an unarmed Thomas, claimed Slidebar officials prompted a chain of events that ended in an unnecessary fatality by concocting a false police report enticing cops to confront the homeless man in a nearby parking lot.

He also asserted in his lawsuit that originally sought $4 million in compensation that he was fired for not agreeing to keep quiet.

Slidebar owner Jeremy Popoff has long maintained there was no false police report and insisted that neither he nor any of his employees did anything wrong.

(The Orange County District Attorney's office and the FBI, which probed related events, backed Popoff's assertion.)

After the superb deposition work of Popoff attorney Eric Dubin undermined the accuracy of Reeves' account, the ex-bouncer lowered his demand to $45,000.

Sources say that Popoff--who endured more than a year of erroneous, unfair public bashing surrounding Reeve's complaints--reluctantly agreed to settle for an unknown amount and did so only as a financial decision.

In prior interviews earlier this year with the Weekly, Popoff--a member of the alternative rock band Lit--said he anticipated that the plaintiff's strategy was to win a settlement for the unjustified lawsuit by hoping Slidebar would pay him a small amount rather than engaging in a protracted, expensive court battle.

Gee, I could have had a V8 moment: Bouncer Reeves after learning Slidebar surveillance videos contradicted his testimony
Perhaps Popoff's February observations ultimately proved true.

Dubin, who gained international attention by winning a $30 million civil judgment in 2005 against Hollywood actor Robert Blake for the killing of his wife, would only say on Sunday, "The matter has been resolved."

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ltpar topcommenter

Who says, "Crime doesn't pay?"  Of course one only has to consider that bartenders are only a half a notch above shyster lawyers when it comes to shaking innocent people down for money.  Hope this dirt bag got paid a lot because I can't imagine anyplace hiring him after he sued his last boss. 

Pat Tapley
Pat Tapley

Yeah I get that, but when the video completely contradicts him and his testimony...don't you just fight it?

Ricky Stauffer
Ricky Stauffer

Not disproving the whole story. Just one part where douche bouncer thought he could get a extra jab on Popoff. Didn't work. Yes the bouncer was not fully truthful. That ruined his cred. quite a bit with me, but the other proof is still there.

Alex Cassidy
Alex Cassidy

The whole point of settling is that it doesn't matter who's right-- it's still cheaper to shut the guy up than go to court.


Not a shocker, I understand why this happens. thats why every lazy loser cant wait to take digger, chin first, at the grocery store. FREE MONEY! . Specifically to this case, its no longer about fighting false claims, everyone who watched the bouncer being deposed knows his claims were utter crap. Settlement or not, that no longer needed proven. That was settled months ago. Now its a matter of math. Besides, my own insurance would have settled much earlier, our city attorney would have settled much earlier, my own employer would have settle much earlier, and they all have deeper pockets than Jeremy. The real news here is that the plaintiff's team ended up getting 1% of their initial tort. If we are still doing math, then by his own settlement offer the plaintiffs attorney is stating that his client was 99% full of shit. I agree! As someone who dedicated a decent portion of the last two years of his life attempting to get Kelly Thomas justice, I consider what this giant turd did as a roadblock and a distraction to justice for Kelly. I've always disliked bouncers anyway, the have the same DNA as cops. The ones with guns got C's in school, the ones with a hand stamp got D's. Many good people in Kelly's Army took their eye off the ball thanks to this bouncer, that hurt us. If i ever cross paths with this soft C*** I will most likely punch him in the throat. Thanks for forwarding the article to me Scott. I'm off to get Eric Dubin on retainer, just in case the above was more than bravado.



Pat Tapley
Pat Tapley

Wtf, why are they paying him anything, this owner is getting repeatedly clowned. He just keep bleeding money and rep!

Eric Bootow
Eric Bootow

Didnt Reeves get cought lying in court because the security cameras at slidebar disproved his entire story?

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