Scott Baugh, Orange County Republican Party Chairman, To Run For California State Senate?

When the band stops playing next in Orange County's continual musical chairs game, Irvine-based state Senator Mimi Walters will probably replace retiring Congressman John Campbell.

That concept isn't new, but look at who might want to plop down in Walters' warm seat: Scott R. Baugh, veteran chairman of the Orange County Republican Party and a onetime Republican Assembly Leader.

Baugh, a successful attorney and Newport Beach lobbyist, told me tonight he's considering a run but announcing a campaign now "is premature."

Multiple Republican insiders say the 51-year-old Baugh will definitely run for the Sacramento post.

If Baugh formally announces for Walters' seat, the move might not elate Irvine's state Assemblyman Don Wagner, who is known to have an interest in moving up the GOP food chain but doesn't have Baugh's political clout or access to campaign contributors.

The biggest impact of a potential Baugh campaign for senate, however, would most likely be felt inside Orange County Republican headquarters, where he has been boss since 2004.

A Baugh departure there could launch a brutal fight for the leadership among various bitter factions inside the party about what Republicans need to do to reach young and minority voters.

The state senate district cuts through the middle of Orange County from east Anaheim to Irvine to Laguna Beach and up to Costa Mesa, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach.

Walters' political career includes serving on the Laguna Niguel City Council as well as in both bodies of the California legislature. If she replaces Campbell, she'll be OC's second female representative in the nation's capital. Her husband, David, has been at the center of several business scandals.

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Moxley-   You ALWAYS have to talk shit about Dave a rimshot in an old Vaudeville act!!! If you have such a hard on for the guy, do an entire story on him.

Michael Moon
Michael Moon

California state senate? That'd be dumb. Replace Dana - now that could be a lot easier. I'm betting he's going to replace Dana.

JGlanton topcommenter

You reach young voters these days with free cell phones.


Yawn, another lazy Republican, running in a safe GOP seat, who won't have any impact on the direction of the state or the district he represents. We should leave this senate seat vacant. Filling it with another empty suit Republican just so he can collect a check and a pension is a waste of taxpayer dollars. 

Allen J Wilson
Allen J Wilson

Congressman? Your article says State Senator. I am confused.

rscottmoxley topcommenter

@propraetorHaaaa! Haaaa! Heee! Heee! So I "ALWAYS talk shit about Dave Walters"? That's really funny and, well, stupid. It's understandable why you bark from an anonymous name. I have NEVER ONCE in two decades written anything about Dave Walters, except the above article. The good folks at the OC Watchdog have done a tremendous job exposing his, hmmm, issues with cash. But, alas, my dear cowardly pal, thank you. I've presently got a couple of dirty, pot-belly, handle-bar mustached, uneducated cops with pilot licenses as well as corrupt, lowlife county bureaucrats at the top of my research list, but you've given me motivation to also focus attention on the race to replace Congressman Campbell. Please contact Mimi--and especially dear Dave--to report your accomplishment! Nice job!

rscottmoxley topcommenter

 @JGlantonThis is by far your funniest, most insightful comment ever because it's understated and based on an ugly truth!

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