Lee Meriwether, '66 Batman Flick's Catwoman, Won't Be Pussyfooting Around at QFilm Fest

Not pussyfooting around ...
If we couldn't have Julie Newmar (and we apparently couldn't) for the 1966 Batman film that spun out of the spoofy TV series, Lee Meriwether was a solid stand-in. That figure, eyes and especially eyebrows--meeeeow!

But that's not the film that brings the veteran actress to Long Beach next month for the QFilm Festival.

Miss America of 1955 actually appears in two films screening Saturday, Sept. 7, at the LGBTQ-themed cinematic event that debuted in 1993, making it Long Beach's longest-running film festival.

Meriwether is part of the cast in the feature-length Birthday Cake, writer-director Chad Darnell's sequel to the multi award-winning short film Groom's Cake. A mockumentary following the three days leading up to the first birthday party of a child with two gay parents (a television actor and his screenwriter husband), Birthday Cake is to be shown at 12:30 p.m. at the Art Theatre on Fourth Street.

Then at 2:30 p.m., one of the Women in Shorts films is Marc Saltarelli's Remember to Breathe, which stars Meriwether as a former musical headliner named Alice who lives alone and forgotten in a house hidden away just below the Hollywood sign. Mentoring a young aspiring singer (Leigh Ann Larkin) brings memories flooding back to Alice of a past love (Susan Blakely).

Meriwether is scheduled to join the filmmakers and other cast and crew members at audience Q&A's that follow the screenings, according to QFilm organizers, who also released this 2013 schedule on the next page (and after that there are links to vital sites) ...

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