West Coast Film Fest Continues Thru Sunday with Eclectic Films, Music and Special Events

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If you're a fan of Gene Kelly, Le Ly Hayslip, Carl Spackler, clawed kitty cats and Bright Blue Gorilla, this weekend's remaining West Coast Film Festival offerings are for you.

The festival, which actually kicked off Wednesday, continues through Sunday night in San Juan Capistrano's Regency Theatre.

The Mexican-in-Chief already previewed Saturday's Bright Blue Gorilla pre-concert before the acoustic duo's new romantic comedy Go With Le Flo screens:

Bright Blue Gorilla Go With Le Flow Screening This Saturday

Before that sure-to-be-cool event, you can get your kiddies out of the heat this afternoon by taking them into the cinemas at 26762 Verdugo St., where cool libations are served at Rick's Cafe. Screening at 3 p.m. is the family friendly double-bill of Black Beauty and Looney Tunes Back in Action. Tickets are $10.

Not so family friendly at 7 p.m. is Caddyshack, which many have noted is not as funny as it was in 1980 but still packs in its golf bag some classic comedy scenes, usually featuring Bill Murray's Carl Spackler. Tickets are $15 and there's an after-party at Vintage Restaurant and Steakhouse that you can get more information about HERE.

Saturday's programming starts purrrfectly at 2 p.m. with the documentary The Paw Project, which follows the grassroots movement to change laws and protect pet cats from de-clawing. Dr. Jennifer Conrad, the veterinarian who wrote, produced and directed the film that chronicles her refuting American Veterinary Association representatives, participates in a post-screening Q&A. Tickets are $10.

Speaking of which, if this issue really interests you but you just can't make Saturday afternoon's screening, The Paw Project opens Oct. 18 for a week at the Pasadena Playhouse 7 and screens the afternoons of Oct. 19-20 at Laemmle Santa Monica. Conrad will participate in Q&A's for select screenings; monitor pawprojectmovie.com to find out which ones. The documentary will also be available on DVD and Video-on-Demand this fall.

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