Killer of Newport Beach Yacht Owners Tossed Overboard Fights Her Conviction

Henderson: Lucky she isn't tied to an anchor and tossed overboard too
For helping her husband execute a 2004 murder plot that resulted in Thomas and Jackie Hawks being secured to an anchor on their Newport Beach-based yacht and tossed overboard alive in the Pacific Ocean, hairdresser Jennifer Deleon received two life sentences without the possibility for parole.

However, Deleon, who now goes by the name Jennifer Lynn Henderson following a divorce, refuses to concede her guilt.

Henderson has told a federal judge that the evidence against her was weak, an accomplice gave false testimony in exchange for sentencing leniency, a state appellate court wrongly ignored her claims and the prosecutor committed repeated misconduct in his successful 2006, closing argument at the trial inside Orange County Superior Court.

But this month, U.S. District Court Judge Philip S. Gutierrez accepted a magistrate judge's recommendation and report that concluded all of Henderson's legal claims lacked merit and noted the "substantial" evidence of her key involvement in the horrific crime.

Gutierrez also refused to grant her a certificate that would allow her to appeal his findings.

At the time of the murder, Henderson and her husband, Skylar Deleon--a onetime Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show actor, were in dire financial straits and devised a plan to pretend to buy the Hawkses' $465,000 yacht in hopes of boarding the 55-foot boat, killing the couple and back-dating sale documents to take ownership.

According to prosecutor Matt Murphy, Henderson used her pregnant condition to aid her husband in creating the illusion that they were decent people who sincerely wanted to buy the yacht from the retired couple.

Murphy and Newport Beach Police Department homicide detectives also gathered overwhelming evidence of Henderson's role before, during and after the killings.

The Hawkses' bodies were never recovered.

As the mastermind, Deleon, 33, is spending the rest of his life incarcerated while he awaits state execution on San Quentin State Prison's notorious death row.

Upshot: Henderson, who is now 32 years old and has been in state lockup since 2007, will continue to serve her life sentence inside California's largest female prison, the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla.

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Newport Beach is my favorite part of orange county and people like that deserve the death penalty.


He wasn't a Power Ranger.  He was a kid with a bit part in a couple of episodes.

vegandawg23 topcommenter

Which power ranger was he? 


Don't forget she was the one trying to get the death yacht released in time for the Newport yacht parade.

ltpar topcommenter

Instead of three hots and a cot in the joint, that group should have met the justice of the "Star Chamber" and received the kind of Karma they deserved.


No, you rot in prison you wicked bitch. Hey 949girl...what's shakin' baby.

Rick Hale
Rick Hale

I remember this horrific story and cringed at the way those people are said to have begged for their lives. Let he rot for all of her living days while she waits to rot in hell.

Greg Gust
Greg Gust

She could have stopped the crime at any point, she's lucky she didn't get death.

949girl topcommenter

She's where she belongs.  But if she had been smart she would have taken the deal offered to her by the DA and testified against Skylar.  But I'm glad she didn't because she has no business being a free woman.

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