Luis Enrique Rodriguez Popped as Riot Vandal After Liking Police Suspect Photo on Facebook

Methinks a genius grant is not in Luis Enrique Rodriguez's future. The Anaheim 18-year-old liked a photo of himself on the Huntington Beach Police Department's Facebook page of suspected vandals sought in the July 28 riots. Then he shared the image with friends. Then people left comments on the police Facebook page saying they knew him. Then cops showed up at his front door.

Rodriguez was arrested on suspicion of vandalism Friday by Anaheim officers serving a warrant that had been issued by cops in Surf City, according to that same Facebook page that carried his photo from the downtown melee zone after the U.S. Open of Surfing ended.

Courtesy of Facebook/Huntington Beach Police Department
Photo #15


"[O]ur investigation showed him writing 'f*ck the pigs' on the sides of police cars at the scene," reads the accompanying text. "Mr. Rodriguez, apparently proud of his actions, 'liked' the Huntington Beach Police Department's picture #15 and shared it with his friends, which was noticed by numerous fans of our Facebook page and a series of tips leading to his identification."

The department announced two other recent arrests. A 17-year-old West Covina boy was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of felony vandalism, inciting a riot and refusing to disperse when ordered for allegedly damaging portable toilets and attempting to tip over a public works truck. He was released to his parents.

On Aug. 11, Anthony Abadier, 20, of Huntington Beach, was arrested at his home for alleged felony vandalism, participating in an unlawful assembly and refusing to disperse when ordered. He is accused of using his skateboard to smash newspaper stands.

Police say they are still working with those images on Facebook and tips rolling in there and elsewhere to locate other suspects.

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Facebook is the Devil....but it is great seeing these assholes getting caught....they just can't help themselves....too bad this jerk wasn't on the receiving end of the target practice by the Anaheim Police....Good job HBPD.....


Obviously, these people's parents failed at parenting.


Webster Dictionary:

SUPER PENDEJO, see picture above.

Ron Crock Jr
Ron Crock Jr

Scumbag piece of shit. Deport him if he's illegal.


...I went to school with those two.

whateveryousay topcommenter

Oh no, incarceration might effect his GPA....

Rick Hale
Rick Hale

If someone is dumb enough to engage in these activities should we be surprised when they are dumb enough to be caught this way?

David M. Smith
David M. Smith

Lol sucks for him! There are consequences for every action. He had his fun, now it's time to pay the price. Good riddance

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