Long Beach Register Deletes Tweet Asking Readers Whether Vaccinating Kids is a "Good or Bad Idea"

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It's not even a week old, yet the Long Beach Register--the five-days-a-week effort by the Orange County Register to expand into the LBC--is already proving itself the joke it was destined to be.

See, on Friday they tweeted out this question: "Hey, readers, What do you think of vaccinating children? Is it a good or bad idea?"

Someone's been paying too much attention to Jenny McCarthy and other anti-vaccination loons. Anyoo, the Reg's Twitter followers gave them so much hell that the tweet was deleted--but that doesn't mean it's been completely excised from the web, thank Jeebus.

Here are just a couple of reactions, from pesky media types. Kate Aurthur, for instance, works for Buzzfeed:


Aurthur's tweet was retweeted by Caitlin Kelly, senior web producer for the New Yorker, who also added this bon mot:

And here's our beloved Doran Walot, who was an intern for us about a decade ago, is now based in the East Coast, but still keeps those anti-Reg fires burning. Good work, young padawan!

The Reg desperately tried to save face with this Saturday tweet:

STOP THE PRESSES. We just got the latest question from the Long Beach Register's Twitter feed: "Hey, readers, What do you think of murdering children? Is it a good or bad idea?"

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