Laguna Beach Marijuana Smuggler Lands Long Prison Trip

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Wait! What happened to our doobies?
A man who attempted to help unload 566 kilograms of smuggled marijuana to Laguna Beach from a Mexican boat in February has been sentenced to prison.

Kevin Anthony Gilbert, who attended East Los Angeles College and played football, sought a punishment of no more than 30 months in prison because he argued he played a minor role in the crime; he didn't even know how much he would be paid for unloading the pot.

But officials inside the U.S. Probation Office as well as the Department of Justice considered the crime serious and wanted Gilbert to receive a 46-month sentence.

U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter agreed with the government recommendations.

At the July 29 hearing inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, Carter also ordered Gilbert, who was born in 1990, to undergo federal supervised probation for three years after he returns to freedom.

Gilbert, who was released on $50,000 bail during the case but had difficultly staying out of trouble, won a punishment reduction by quickly admitting his guilt following his arrest by federal agents.

The convicted felon apparently has a substance abuse problem; Carter recommended to prison officials that they enroll Gilbert into a 500-hour counseling program, according to court records.

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can you say "jury nullification" ?? just say "NO" to ridiculous laws that incarcerate people for absolutely no good reason

Bill Martin
Bill Martin

so if some fucken lets let in all the fucken morons that want to blow up this country

Bill Martin
Bill Martin

no that just the start and are you out of your mind about open borders do you live in santa ana

Mark Adams
Mark Adams

Over a harmless plant--you're absurd...Free and open borders for anyone who wants to come to America to live...

Bill Martin
Bill Martin

close the fucken borders and shoot to kill any ship that dont belong i

Ben Reed
Ben Reed

how much trouble do you get in if you see some washed up and run off with a lil bit ?

JGlanton topcommenter

@Ben Reed  Probation.  But if you call a friend, and he helps you load it, he will apparently get 46 months.  Best to just smoke it on the spot.

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