Gustavo's Latest KCRW "Orange County Line" Commentary: On the Latest Battle Between Costa Mesa Mayor Jim Righeimer and the City's Workers!

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We've been criticized by all sides of the Costa Mesa public-employee's union battle: for coverage that is too light when it exists at all, for somehow being sympathetic to Costa Mesa Mayor Jim Righeimer, for somehow being union hacks--in other words, we please nobody all of the time. And while I'm usually okay with that, I'm not okay with Costa Mesa--to be honest, we've dropped the ball on the matter. That is now changing, though, after a non-encounter I had with Riggy that you can find more about on my Facebook page. And as an opening salvo, I devoted my "Orange County Line" Monday commentary for KCRW-FM 89.9 to his latest thumb in the eye of Costa Mesa workers.

The point I made to host Steve Chiotakis is one I believe: while the Costa Mesa unions obviously only want the best contracts for their workers, damn the future, at least they're honest; Righeimer, on the other hand wants us to forget his Prop. 226 past and make us believe he only has the interest of Costa Mesa residents in his efforts to screw over the worker's unions, which is like having a schoolyard bully claiming him wanting to take your lunch money has nothing to do with him having kicked you in the butt the day before and everything to do with embiggening your--but not his, no no!--piggy bank.

Enjoy, and Riggy: we'da been great food judges....

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