Intimate Obsessions Lingerie Shop is Prematurely Evacuated from San Clemente

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Intimate Obsessions, which sounds like a Lifetime movie starring Meredith Baxter but in this case is a lingerie shop, will not be opening at 109 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente, after all.

Negotiations between the property manager and store owner have ended, as has the controversy stirred up by the quest to put an Intimate Obsessions branch there, according to the city.

City Manager Pall Gudgeirrson sent an email to local news outlets, including the San Clemente Times, announcing the development (or lack thereof).

Nearby merchants and some residents had complained about Intimate Obsessions eying that particular location, whining a "sex shop" is not appropriate there. Why, someone might have to explain to their kids why that mommy teddy is made of leather!

The shop owner was willing to limit the percentage of the store space devoted to sex toys, DVDs and grandma's favorite ball gagger, but that offer is moot now.

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309 N. El Camino Real not 109.

949girl topcommenter

What? Did Jennifer make bail and start another fire?

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@949girl Wouldn't it be funny if she was the blonde in the devil costume?

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