Eliyahu Reuven Jackson is Not the Surf City Riot Monster Who Killed Beloved Weekly News Rack

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Eliyahu Reuven Jackson pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of vandalism and inciting a riot in connection with the mayhem that took over downtown Huntington Beach after the U.S. Open of Surfing on July 28.

Based on the Sunset Beach 20-year-old being accused of, among other things, damaging newspaper stands, hopes were high here at the Weekly that the killer of our Main Street box had finally been brought to justice.

But then we looked at the video on the next page ...

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Now, this is going to be weird, because in this country one is innocent until proven guilty, so until a jury or judge finds someone guilty of this metal-box murder--dare we say hate crime?--we must not rely solely on our lyin' eyes and use words in relation to "suspects" like "allegedly," "accused" and "billable hours."

So, in looking at the video shot by Alex Fairbanks and seeing the man later identified as Jackson participating in going all Chris Brown on the newsstand, it is clear that this particular suspect did not deliver the death blow to our particular newspaper box.

Heck, compared to the other dudes around him, Jackson is among the weakest offenders. Allegedly. What are those? Love taps with that skateboard? (Allegedly.)

This is just one piece of evidence, this was not the only property destroyed along Main and more video could complete the story (and case being built against suspects).

Jackson is also accused of damaging city of Huntington Beach public works trucks. A conviction could send him to state prison for up to four years, according to the Orange County District Attorney's office.

That does not give us here at Weekly HQ comfort. We will continue to experience night sweats until the main monsters who killed of our poor, innocent news rack are brought to justice. ... We miss you, Racky.

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Hey Mister grey mask and goofy shorts.... your grandmother called and she wants her skateboard back!


Again, I was really hoping that the OC Weekly's HQ was vandalized by the riot. :(

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

When I come back, we need to offer a reward that will lead to the capture of this scoundrel...maybe we offer them a Mox exposé of the asshole of their choice?

949girl topcommenter

Definite hate crime.  Look how they are going after the OC Weekly rack while the Register doesn't even have a scratch.


@Frank07 I hope your home is vandalized, all of YOUR  possessions are taken, your car is stolen, and you are beaten senseless and are dumped into a ditch where you wake up being anally raped by a disease ridden homeless man. Vandals are evil. 

18usc241 topcommenter

I would believe that theory except these fine citizens don't look like the type that can read :(


@PunksNeedPunishment @Frank07 In your dreams, cupcake. I don't live in Anacrime, Staba Ana, or Huntington Racist Bitches. They all are wastelands of Orange Crocked County. 

949girl topcommenter

@18usc241 Obviously these people know they are being videotaped!  How dumb can you be to blatantly commit crimes on camera? 

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@18usc241 Ha, this reminds me; did you see the video of the guys in the middle of main lighting a fire in a box? When the flames shot up, it was almost as if they were thumping their chests like cavemen who discovered fire.

18usc241 topcommenter

@949girl @18usc241 That's a question for OC law enforcement - they are experts at it. Always made me wonder how corrupt this County has to be for such hubris to prevail. 

18usc241 topcommenter

Yeah, latent primordial soup like behavior LOL. My only problem with evolution is that the process is so damn slow.

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