Dana Rohrabacher: Toss "White Trash" Overboard To Aid War On Illegal Immigrants

Rohrabacher: Now firmly against "white trash."
The always accidentally entertaining Dana Rohrabacher wants you to know he's not a racist.

Rohrabacher--who has dismissively referred to Mexican immigrants as "wetbacks" and "Pedro," and called for hospital emergency room doctors to be legally banned from treating serious injured undocumented immigrants--announced this week there is a group of Caucasians he's willing to throw overboard so the GOP's war on illegal immigrants can continue.

Sorry "white trash," the Costa Mesa congressman isn't in your corner, which is odd given the makeup of his polyester-loving, fan club.

On Aug. 5, a woman on Twitter observed, "It's ok for lazywhitetrash 2 live off food stamps but won't legalize my [people] who actually contribute to this country."

Rohrabacher, a war hawk nowadays but a military service dodger during the Vietnam War, responded that he "would defund white trash, but not our vets, seniors & other deserving Americans 2 provide benefits 2 those here illegally."

He went on to argue that if the fight against illegal immigration is abandoned, then "USA doesn't exist."

Rhonda, the congressman's wife, dressed in a sailor suit with white headband, donning black boots and chugging a warm Budweiser at Republican Party event in Nov. 2012.
He also has his own question for his political enemies: "Do U not care about Americans?"

So, see?

Orange County's senior, career politician--whose last non-government job was more than 30 years ago--can't be a racist.

Instead, he calls himself "a patriot," who proudly declares that his "ancestors [allegedly] came to this continent in 1709 with no healthcare or education provided."

Yes, indeed. Rohrabacher surely comes from fine genetic stock.

The former Orange County Register editorial writer first ran for Congress in 1988 while strenuously championing the need for "term limits." After he became a member of the ruling class living in Washington, D.C., he quietly dropped the cause. Rohrabacher's now been a well-paid professional politician for more than a quarter of a century.

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