Lawsuit: Carlos Bustamante Kept Baby Wipes In Desk For Sexual Harassment Emissions

Bustamante: Can I tell you about a dream I had with my tongue down your throat? No? Come on!
Sorry, San Diego.

Before there was your disgusting Democratic Mayor Bob Filner, who can't keep his tongue in his mouth when women are present, we had Carlos Bustamante in Orange County.

Bustamante, a former Republican Santa Ana city councilman and at one point the great (hilariously wishful) hope to save the Orange County Republican Party from itself with Latino voters, liked to masturbate in front of a female employee in his day job as a county public work's department manager.

At least, that is one of the numerous criminal charges Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, also a Republican, filed last year against Bustamante, who adamantly denies any wrongdoing.

Now comes Jane Doe, who this month filed a sexual discrimination and harassment lawsuit against Bustamante in Orange County Superior Court.

Doe, who is represented by attorney Rosemary Amezcua-Moll, claims that she began working as Bustamante's government secretary in April 2010 and quickly discovered his desire to ignite an unwelcomed sexual affair, according to the 38-page lawsuit.

Doe claims the her boss repeatedly insisted on sharing with her the details of a romantic dream he had about her, ordered her into his office and behind a locked door initiated a hug, and caressed her thigh while he was driving her to a county leadership breakfast at the Irvine Marriott.

In another alleged incident behind locked doors, Doe asserts that Bustamante trapped her in the corner of his office, grabbed her buttock, planted his tongue on her lips, squeezed her right breast and pushed his erection into her body, according to the lawsuit.

Later, when the secretary stood at a machine making copies, she claims Bustamante walked up from behind and pulled her underwear.

A sixth and seventh alleged harassment incident occurred when Bustamante slapped her on the buttock and later tried to kiss her in an elevator.

Doe also claims that Bustamante asked her "what size bra she wore, explaining that he was considering getting breast implants for his wife, so he wanted to suggest that his wife get [her] size."

The lawsuit further states, "Bustamante also talked to plaintiff about sex, trying to justify that having sex with other women was not being unfaithful to his wife, because it was not bad, it was pleasure . . . Bustamante asked plaintiff many times to have sex with him."

Among Doe's other assertions in the lawsuit:

--She learned about several of Bustamante's sexual affairs;
--He bragged about his powerful political and law enforcement connections, including with former Santa Ana police chief Paul Walters;
--He kept baby wipes in his office drawer to clean himself after emissions;
--He wanted to know if she liked to watch porno movies before sex with her husband;
--She feared that county bosses would try to protect Bustamante by smearing her if she complained.

Doe's lawsuit seeks unspecified damages from Bustamante and the County, in part, because she claims her boss bragged that former CEO Tom Mauk was so unconcerned about office sex that he just wanted doors to be left open for voyeuristic reasons.

The case has been assigned to seasoned Orange County Superior Court Judge Ronald Bauer.

Neither defendant has responded to the complaint.

The DA's office, which filed a slew of charges against Bustamante, will make its next move in the criminal case at a scheduled October pretrial hearing.

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You can take the raza out of the barrio, etc etc.


When I was an employee at C1 in downtown we had a "Carlos Bustamante Booth" in the restaurant, complete with autographed photo hanging above. Wonder if it's still there!  Got the absolute worst vibes from this guy and his friends whenever he came chauvinist


Carlos has brought an inconceivable amount of shame on himself, his soon to be ex-wife, his kids, his friends, his co-workers, and the City of Santa Ana.   The City of Santa Ana doesn't need any more bad news, particularly in light of the incredible pay package it is giving its new City Manager.  Is the OC Weekly ever going to cover the story on the new city manager's lavish pay?


Ahahahahaha it's like Carlos and Orange County never heard of sexual harassment laws.  I hope the Jane Doe sues the crap outta the county AND Carlos the cheeseball.  


He said....... she said.........!!!.........

Wilmer C Cipriano
Wilmer C Cipriano

Good job Carlos Bustamante! This shit keeps getting better !

Robert Sparks
Robert Sparks

My guess is that a "sexual harassment emission" is when he's done jerking off in front of female coworkers. I guess it's true what they say, everyone needs a hobby.

n2bigmuscle topcommenter

When a sticky keyboard repair order came from Bustamante's office, who got that job?

Paul Lucas
Paul Lucas

whats a sexual harassment emission?

949girl topcommenter

He's a jerk.  Don't go using your power to intimidate women with your sexual urges.  It's gross, uncomfortable to deal with and it's not cool to threaten someone's source of income.  That's what he probably gets off on more than the actual sexual stuff. 

Remy Merriex
Remy Merriex

Whoa. This guy's a pro at whacking off in the office. You don't see that kind of training on civilians!

18usc241 topcommenter

"He bragged about his powerful political and law enforcement connections, including with former Santa Ana police chief Paul Walters;"

Yeah and watch how y'all be connected chain-gang style as you march to federal prison - to meet up with boy toy Mike Carona. 

"She feared that county bosses would try to protect Bustamante by smearing her if she complained."

Dear county bosses, please try that with me in court racist near-do-wells. Really PLEASE.


@Noesinocente "Inconceivable"?  I do not think it means what you think it means.  For many Bustabservers, it was probably entirely conceivable.

18usc241 topcommenter

@prattleonboyo Apparently these Orange County men of law and politics never heard of Section 18 of the United States criminal code either. A situation possible only with a WHOLE LOTTA HELP from idiots above them.

paullucas714 topcommenter

@sweetliberty17761776 Despite the Anthony Weiners, and Bob Filners, the GOP has hands down the championship rings for the whole of American History on whipping out their dicks in inappropriate times and manners.

rscottmoxley topcommenter

@gregdiamond @Noesinocente Greg's right. Reports of Carlos (and others close to him . . .) misbehaving have existed for years and so, while the alleged misdeeds have been conceivable, the suspected conduct certainly brought monumental shame to what appeared from the outside to be a dream family. That's tragic to his lovely wife and kids, who, from all I know--and I'm not speculating, are truly wonderful.

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

@paullucas714 @sweetliberty17761776 



the act itself is that of a lefty Dem

just like one who is a Dem but saves their money is a …..conservative , with that act

take care

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