Photos Released of Dudes Believed to Have Stolen Plumbing Fixtures from Boomers

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There may be no other place I'd want to avoid more than an amusement park restroom, but if I did happen to find myself in one I'd prefer it had working fixtures. Fountain Valley Police released photos of three dudes believed to have taken plumbing fixtures from Boomers.

The theft of an estimated $2,100 worth of fixtures from both men's and women's rooms happened between 9:30 and 11:30 p.m. July 19 at Boomers, 16800 Magnolia Ave., police say.

Images of the following three men suspected of being the plumbing nappers were pulled from the amusement center's surveillance video:




Anyone who can help identify these dudes is asked to call Detective Hsu at 714.593.4461. Anonymous tips can also be left at

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paullucas714 topcommenter

What the heck? Is there something special about the fixtures at Boomers? Who and what would you be able to do with the bathroom fixtures form boomers? I mean even for scrap metal they cant be worth that much.


@paullucas714 Commercial fixtures are not cheap. You might not get much to recycle them but it's expensive to replace them. You have add in labor costs and butt spackle for the plumbers cracks.

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