"Bats Day in the Fun Park" Disneyland Revelers Targeted by Goofy Killuminati Soldiers

According to the privacy notice on the Killuminati Soldiers' Facebook page, I am not allowed to use their profile information in any way. But it mentions nothing about not being permitted to let you know that Tupac Shakur coined the word Killuminati, that the Soldiers oppose the supposedly active international Illuminati secret society and that they are hellbent on killing the annual "Bats Day in the Fun Park" at Disneyland.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bats Day ... you must be new OC Weekly readers. Because we've smothered the event with coverage over the years. A sample:

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What it is, ye of little information, is a three-day event at Disneyland in Anaheim that has grown in popularity every year since the promoters of the goth/industrial and deathrock clubs Absynthe and Release the Bats presented the first one in August 1999. Regular old non-goth park guests have been rubbing shoulders annually with young people who resemble live-action Haunted Mansion and Nightmare Before Christmas extras ever since.

Unknowing to yours truly is that no one is more horrified by these goths than the Killuminati Soliders, which specializes in spreading conspiracy theories, conservative religious ideologies and anti-homosexuality propaganda--sometimes all at the same time. Think Anonymous followers if Fox News got to program them.

If you go to the Killuminati Soldier's Disney Exposed page on Facebook, you'll see Bats Day only gets a brief mention as most of the "evidence" presents claims Walt Disney was part of the Illuminati family, the company that bears his name is pushing satanism, a gay agenda and the feminizing of males, that "Club '33' = 33 Degree - Freemasonry" and that "Disney productions over the years are filled with Masonic symbolism, mind control and indoctrination through subliminal messages."

Please note that page has apparently been, for lack of a better word, "cleansed" by Facebook. More on that in a bit. First, when it comes to Bats Day, Killuminati Soldiers had waged a social media war to spook those who organize and attend the event. Threatening Facebook comments have been made, photos have been copied off the online pages of attendees, including shots of young family members, and posted elsewhere to shame and bully them. And--sin of all sins--scenes from copyrighted Disney movies were even used by the haters. That's some firing squad shit there!

An 11-year-old girl who discovered she was in a group photo the Killuminati Soldiers were spreading online took to Tumblr to complain.

It got so bad that Noah Korda, the Bats Day founder, had to ask Facebook to do something about it. But Facebook responded by taking down the two main pages he and his members use to communicate with each other, The Bats Day in the Fun Park Like Page and The Bats Day Facebook Lounge Group.

That led Korda to issue a press-release plea to Facebook on Batsday.net Wednesday.

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