Police Say Bash Mob Broken Up Before Bash Mob Can Break Up Shoreline Retail Area

More than 20 juveniles were held by Long Beach Police Sunday night to supposedy stave off "bash mob" attacks in the shoreline retail zone.

Cops descended on Seaside Walk and Pine Avenue around 7:30 p.m. Sunday after receiving reports that around 30 juvies were fighting, but besides breaking that up and issuing citations, officers say they discovered a bash mob was coming from Los Angeles.

That prompted Long Beach cops and the LA County Sheriff's Department to mount a joint operation that resulted in about 20 more juveniles being detained and, in some cases, receiving citations, according to Marlene Arrona, a Long Beach police spokeswoman, who added around 10 juvies had been held and six cited from the earlier fight.

"No local businesses reported being victims of bash mob activity," Arrona reportedly told City News Service.

The city and police department last month warned merchants that bash mobs had targeted the tourist-heavy areas.

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18usc241 topcommenter

OK cool - actual law enforcement.


Bash mob? Really? It is no wonder that parts of Kalifornia resemble the "West bank".... Stone throwing, STOP signs through retail windows, and hair-trigger LE? That is just scratching the surface when the ambient temperature surpasses 90*F....

JGlanton topcommenter

Take away their obamaphones

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