Anaheim is the 9th Unfriendliest City in the U.S., Say Conde Naste Traveler Readers

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Of all the cities in all the land, Anaheim has been ranked the ninth unfriendliest by Conde Naste Traveler readers. The fatal shooting of unarmed citizens by Anaheim cops is not mentioned in the accompanying write-up; filing this under "Anaheim Police Shooting Desmadre" was just convenient because that's among the first category choices that pop up in my blog program.

What is in the write-up follows on the next page ...

9. Anaheim, California Score: 42.5

Despite being the home of Disneyland, Anaheim didn't prove to readers that it's the "the happiest place on Earth." In fact, "The only reason to go to Anaheim is to visit Disneyland," said one, in a comment echoed by many who took our survey. Others called it "dirty," "rough" and "a dangerous place for Mickey Mouse to hang out."

A dangerous place for Mickey Mouse to hang out had me rolling, too.

Anaheim is sandwiched between No. 8 Wilmington, Delaware, and my brief stomping grounds of Sacramento at No. 10. The Conde Naste Traveler list has Newark, New Jersey, as the meanest of the mean cities. Los Angeles comes in at No. 6.

Charleston was ranked the country's friendliest city. Sonoma is the only California city that made the top 10 on that list. Anaheim would be advised to import mass quantities of wine, redwood saplings and Guerneville Gold.

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18usc241 topcommenter

I was at the Rancho Bernardo Main library awhile ago. Yet another main library that looks light years more up to date than the Anaheim and Garden Grove central libraries. With the money these two cities have wasted hurting me they could have built libraries to rival any in a modern US city. 

18usc241 topcommenter

Anaheim/Garden Grove - where your career as an Hispanic American engineer depends on whether you cross paths with racist sociopaths masquerading as men of law.

The stench is so palpable that even tourists can sense it.

n2bigmuscle topcommenter

Who goes to Anaheim but to see Disneyland?

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