Irving Castillo Jimenez I.D.'d as 18 y.o. Shot Dead in Anaheim; Eric Sanchez Lopez, Casey Sanchez Lopez, Luis Arturo Calderon Arrested

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See the update at the end of this post with police identifying the dead 18-year-old victim and three men arrested for his murder, all of Anaheim.

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ORIGINAL POST, AUG. 5, 12:57 P.M.: What began as a verbal fight at a Circle K store in Anaheim early Saturday ended with a man being shot to death at a nearby apartment complex, according to police.

The unidentified man, who sustained multiple gunshots in the courtyard in the 800 block of North Loara Street around 2:30 a.m., was rushed to UCI Medical Center in Orange, where he later died.

Police believe the shooting may be gang-related because witnesses told investigators they thought they heard someone yelling a gang name after the shots rang out, according to Sergeant Bob Dunn, the Anaheim department's spokesman.

The same investigation uncovered the previous argument at the Circle K.

An autopsy was scheduled to be performed on the dead fellow today.

UPDATE, AUG. 5, 4:08 P.M.: The 18-year-old shot dead has been identified as Irving Castillo Jimenez, 18, of Anaheim, according to Sergeant Bob Dunn, the Anaheim department's spokesman.

Around 2 p.m. Saturday, three Anaheim residents were arrested in the 1200 block of West North Street in connection of the shooting. Dunn identified them as: Eric Sanchez Lopez, 27; Casey Sanchez Lopez, 22; and Luis Arturo Calderon, 27, all of Anaheim.

All were booked at the Anaheim Police Department Temporary Detention Facility on suspicion of murder with street terrorism gang enhancements and held without bail, Dunn said.

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I am a family menber of one of the four mentioned in the above article. I am not only saddened by the wordS written but upset. NONE of you know anything about the above mentioned nor do you know who they were at heart. Your words are as bad as the bullets fired. Your degrading and belittling comments in which you posted without thinking who may come across this articleuch as a parent, sibbling, grandparents or child. As if dealing with the loss of a parent or the arrest of a parent isnt hard enough on a child. I myseld am against all violence and believe change starts from within. The world will never change when there is no compassion. Not one of you would give a moment of your time to say hello to any of the four mentioned even if they were your neighbor but you jump on that bandwagon to post some uneducated words. I feel sorry for all of you for the way you have chosen to think.

May all those deceased rest in peace regardless of how their lives were ceased. Everyone is a child of God and our Heavenly Father is the only one to pass judgement.

I love and miss you lil cousin you will always remain in my prayers "T"

"God Bless all the families of those involved and also the hearts of those who speak and act without caution.Amen"

James Creely
James Creely

then they might was well call the apts. "The Circle K Apartments"

Chris J Caroselli
Chris J Caroselli

Shit, that's like a mile from me..Probably happened at the Monte Verde apartments around the corner, but I'm surprised it didn't happen at the Post Office next door - the place is just as bad. There's a Walmart about 500 yards away where there was a shooting 2 years ago in the parking lot. And the most disgusting apartment complexes with the creatures that inhabit them are all around..Monte Verde is just one of them.

Greg Chavez
Greg Chavez

I would love to know when we're going to REALLY start working on this gang problem in SoCal. It's a huge ongoing issue that no one seems to be dealing with or even acknowledging.


Does no ones mouth have a filter these days? All u talking about ugly creatures, piles of shyt n mexi mayhem should keep to youselves. Your judgemental n hateful opinions make u no better then the bullets fired n the gang activity going on. Regardless they are still someones child whom u degrade. Your words cause anger to others reading such as my curious niece n nephew trying to find out what happend to their dad. I pray u all learn to watch your words and learn to be humble. Because compassion is the only way we will see change in the world.

Rest in peace all those deceased.

You remain in my prayers lil cousin i love n miss u "T"!!


@Greg Chavez The last time they tried, their "residents" rioted and smashed up windows of local businesses and protested in the streets during business hours. All to protect the rights of their dead gangbanger relatives.


Do u honestly believe you are any better speaking the words u speak. Your words make u just as ugly. Shyt talkers are pieces of shyt in my book. Your mouth needs a filter, regardless of wbat u think that is still someones son.

Rest in Peace to anyone deceased.

U are in my prayers lil cuzzin, i love u "T"


I myself dont agree with taking ones life. Its wrong. But whats worse is someone speaking on something they know nothing about. CRACKHEADS? Really, do u know any of the people involved? Well one is my cousin and i can say not one of the four was a crack head. Yeah gangbangin is pointless fighting over streets that will never belong to you but in the end every member knows what they got themselves into and people who dont know anything or know anyone should really leave their comments to themselves because you all stereotype n judge any bald headed, tattooed, baggy clothes wearing mexican. And none of u would ever have a conversation with one. Leave the sympathy n condolences for the family n friends that loved n cared for them before their passing.

Lil cousin u are in my prayers i love u T!!!


Excuse me Greg Chavez and your comment fan u should both really get your facts straight n correct before speaking on such a huge issue. You cant believe only what the news is told to report. Our local, state n federal government officals have the most organized n brutal gangs members around. You should try being active in knowing whats really going on in the world around us. Let me know if u r up to seeing what community outreach is about n what it takes on.

Rest in peace to all deceased.

You will remain in my prayers lil cousin. I love n miss u "T"!

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