Albert Pujols and Torii Hunter Alleged to Have Turned Angels Clubhouse into a Fight Club

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Torii: pissed?
There is a report that during the 2012 season, Angels Torii Hunter, now on the Detroit Tigers, and Albert Pujols, now on the DL, got into a fight.

And the fight apparently happened after Pujols called out Halos ace Jered Weaver and was based on a misunderstanding about a previous dust-up between Hunter and CJ Wilson.

Indeed, it sounds from CBS Sports reporter Scott Miller's scoop that there was so much bareknuckling going on that it's little wonder the Angels could not concentrate more on baseball, as their third-place finish in the AL West indicated.

Pujols: pussy?
According to Miller's report, Sir Albert gave ol' Weave a piece of his mind for showing up a teammate before turning his attention to Hunter for mixing it up with Wilson the day before. What Pujols apparently did not know was Hunter and Wilson had already made up, prompting the outfielder to tell the infielder/DH he needed to get his facts straight.

Pujols supposedly said something back, Hunter called him out for being a bad teammate, Pujols shouted "Shut up, Torii," Hunter charged at Pujols and two teammates had to keep them separated.

Actually, Hunter was said to have tried to throw down twice with Pujols, who had no heart for the fighting, according to witnesses who said, again, Torii had to be restrained by teammates.

Of course, that we're only hearing this now makes the story suspect. Will we have to wait until next summer to find out that Trout tripped Trumbo for going after another goddamn high outside pitch?

Of course not, because that would indicate the Angels have some kind of spark, which they most certainly do not have in 2013.

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Joshua Waldrop
Joshua Waldrop

Torii Hunter would have beat that ass. Albie ought to buy beers every night for the guys that saved his life.

Rick Hale
Rick Hale

Puljos is a pos that will be the death of that team. He's done. Washed up. Hunter is older, has more game, and is far less likely to be found on some scientists PED list.

Jim Leach
Jim Leach

Well, we all know the first rule of Fight Club.


Of course Pujols didn't want to fight Torii. Pujols is in his mid 50's (allegedly).

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