We Don't Care Gang Killer Begs Judges To Care About His Trial Complaint

Yin: please, please care about me!
Orange County gangster Sarith Yin thought of himself as a tough guy, a hit man, and carried a shiny, black .40-caliber handgun to elevate his 125-pound stature to heights he must have felt were towering.

At the age of 18 in 2005, Yin unlawfully took a vehicle and possessed stolen property, a feat that won him 16 months in prison.

Shortly after he emerged back into freedom, he added to his résumé attempted burglary and street terrorism, which returned him to prison for 16 months.

In January 2010, at 22 years old, the We Don't Care (WDC) hoodlum graduated to the big time in the scumbag world.

He and an allied Tiny Rascals Gang (TRG) member confronted Surenos gang members in Santa Ana, barked their gang affiliations, fired a combined 11 gun shots and killed rival Juan Carlos Rodriguez.

The murder filled Yin with pride. At a post-killing lunch, he bragged that he and "Beaver," the other shooter from TRG, should launch a hit man business.

Prosecutors inside the Orange County district attorney's office had other plans.

In January 2012, a jury convicted Yin of murder, street terrorism and four felony enhancements, including those for active gang membership.

But the killer isn't happy with his case.

He claims Matthew McLeod, a veteran Santa Ana Police Department gang expert, did not supply to the jury sufficient proof that WDC is a criminal street gang.

But the California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana concluded this month that Yin's complaint was worthless because McLeod satisfied the legal requirement for a jury to reasonably conclude that WDC, which had at the time a reported 20 to 25 lowlife members, constituted a gang.

Upshot: Yin, now 26, will continue to serve the rest of his life as an inmate. He's presently housed at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison at Corcoran. When he dies in his cell, he'll owe society another 30 years of imprisonment, according to the sentencing rendered by Superior Court Judge Francisco Briseño.

Go HERE to read prior reporting of Yin's crimes by my esteemed colleague Matthew T. Coker.

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this news writer likes to talk a lot of shit behind people's back LOL!


Put him back on the streets so the rival gangs will take care of him. Street justice will handle him.


pretty sad that most people who comment probably have no idea what the fk they talkin bout. but everyone has to have something to say. its life 

much luv to my homie and friend.


Nice mug shot.... who's smiling now?


What a waste of money....to bad he didn't hang around Anaheim and Anaheims finest could have taken care of the problem....CHEAPER.....ha ha....anyway good job Santa Ana PD....

vegandawg23 topcommenter

They aren't very creative with these gang names are they. We Don't Care is the best 25 asian gangsters could come up with? 


Put this loser in a cell with Whitey Bulger and he'll see how small time he really is!


The guys never get it until it's too late. Hitman? Seriously? The Iceman was a hitman. Not a bolsa gang member. Anyone in bolsa knows that WDC is an Asian gang. Poof your life is gone!

paullucas714 topcommenter

Housed at the substance abuse treatment center? Is that a typo? Or have they run out of room in the rest of the system?

949girl topcommenter

I bet he wished his mom chained him up with food and video games!

vegandawg23 topcommenter

How about The Chigger Machine or The Murder Dumplings or Pancake Face Killers?I came up with three better names in like 5 minutes. You got that you morons! You better credit me when you change your name. I wanna see vegandawg23 written on some bikini coffeeshop bathroom walls. 

n2bigmuscle topcommenter

Interesting how Whitey got away with his activities a lot longer.  I wonder if Yin had a mole or thank heavens maybe someone with a conscious.


We're picturing Charlie having some of his geek pals figure out who you are, and paying you a little visit …      ;-)

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