Tasha Tells All...On How Men Can Satisfy Women in the Bedroom!

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Every Monday, adult superstar/OC girl Tasha Reign gives us her thoughts on life, sex, politics and everything in between. Today, Tasha weighs in on how guys can become bosses in the bedroom. Enjoy!

How Guys Can Please Girls in the Bedroom
By Tasha Reign

Sex!!! What do women want in the bedroom? What do you want in the bedroom? GOOD sex! At least you have that in common and when you realize what that constitutes for you and your partner, then communication will play a pertinent role in your lives and only after that can you ultimately achieve the goal. But what is good sex? It's the epitome of subjectivity, but I can definitely recommend basics.

*Setting the mood is pivotal. It does not mean that you have to prepare a bath and roses, candles, or flattering lighting (hint hint: what I want); it does however, though, that something should be thought out, so that the other person is either prepared or in the right mindset. Planning something fun the day of or day before is frisky and exciting because that way you both have something to look forward to, even if it's just a naughty text or dirty little email. It's the anticipation that creates a sense of fantasy for the woman and that way she can be ready for playtime when you want her to be. Or, if you're more of an in-the-moment kind of guy, then I suggest getting to know your girl extremely well so that when you decide to jump her, she is happy, giddy, and down to play, not stressed out and annoyed that your trying to get in her pants.

*Make sure you make the move by focusing on her and not your needs. She will, in turn, be way more apt to fulfill your desires once she has that initial trust of a mutually beneficial sex act. For example, I personally do not want to hear about how a guy needs to get rid of his urge to bang; I would instead prefer why he wants to be with me specifically--details included are always nice!

*You never want to discuss and critique the other person while you are in the act. This always leads to fights. I don't care how open you are as a couple. It's too sensitive of a moment and people are too insecure to handle this type of criticism. But women and men need and want to improve on pleasing each other and fulfilling their own sexual desires, so discuss these topics and issues in a safe and comfortable environment at some point in the day. Its always nice to bring up to a woman first what it is exactly that you love about her or are turned on by that she does to you. It's a nice way to then being able to suggest something that you would like done differently. No one likes to be put down, so if there is an act that is bothering you (more likely something you want her to do to you or with you in the bedroom), then I recommend the kind and gentle opener first. I have personally been offended by sex critiques, so I know first-hand that I prefer that little dance before the "I was wondering if you could do this more...or if we could try...or do you think you could? " questions.

*If your girl is not interested in doing something that you are so obsessed with doing, then we both know where you should go...porn. No need to bring the genre of whatever act you want to do that she is adamantly against so soon into the bedroom, right? Instead, take her to the adult sex store--I suggest The Pleasure Chest, or Condom Revolution--and let her pick out something: lingerie, toys, anything that turns her on. Then ask her if she would be willing to get another toy for herself that would turn you on, maybe a baby step in whatever direction you were planning on going. If she is still not willing to do this, then I think you need to revisit this idea when you two are closer or just keep it between you and your computer screen. That's why I am here!

Now, at NSFW treat for you guys after jump...

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