3 y.o. Boy's Dream Crushed as Fall Out Window Proves He's Not the Amazing Spider-Man

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A 3-year-old boy was hospitalized this morning after discovering he could not do whatever a spider can.

He was pretending to be Spider-Man while jumping on a bed with another child just before 9:15 p.m. Sunday when he fell out of a third-story apartment window in Anaheim.

Bushes outside the apartment building in the 700 block of East South Street may have broken his fall, leaving the lad with only minor injuries, according to Anaheim Police Sergeant Wayne Alonso.

"You never want to have anything up against a wall that a kid could climb on to have access to a window," Alonso reportedly told City News Service. "So if you have a bed or a couch in a room, you don't want to have it underneath a window even though it might appear to be nice and you can get a good breeze and all because it could be a hazard."

The boy should be okay as he was conscious when transported to UCI Medical Center in Orange, according to Alonso.

Unless, of course, Dr. Venom is on rounds.

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Matt Ulfelder
Matt Ulfelder

Next he's going to find out Santa isn't real.

Brennan King
Brennan King

There's a good documentary on Netflix about the life of Spider Man creator Stan Lee (called With Great Power) - and part of it goes over the time period when Congress put comic books on trial for being a dangerous criminal influence on kids. I thought when I was watching it that comic books don't cause criminal behavior but they probably have to answer for a lot of kids putting towels around their shoulders and jumping off roofs. And I guess, falling out windows too.

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