Orange County Child Molester: The 6YO Boy Lied; Free Me!

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Blanco: Couldn't resist six-year-old OC boy
If adults had been paying close attention to Demetrio Elizarras Blanco, they may have been alerted that the 36-year-old man attracted young neighborhood boys to his Fairview Street apartment in Santa Ana with his PlayStation and electronic equipment.

But they didn't and Blanco repeatedly forced a six-year-old boy, identified only as "G.V." in court records, to orally copulate him.

The man also stripped the boy and sodomized him on numerous occasions.

When eventually confronted by police, Blanco admitted only that he'd hugged G.V., but prosecutors inside the Orange County District Attorney's office and a 2010 jury believed otherwise.

The defendant found himself paying a steep price for his sex crimes, fought his convictions at a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana and lost.

He then sought relief from a federal judge by claiming that there had been "insufficient evidence" to find him guilty and his trial judge had improperly blocked the thorough cross-examination of a key witness.

According to Blanco, the boy can't be believed because he provided inconsistent statements about incidents.

But this month, U.S. District Court Judge Beverly Reid O'Connell accepted a magistrate judge's report that reviewed the child molester's complaints and determined either they were weak or didn't qualify for federal action.

Upshot: Blanco, now 42, will continue to serve his 25 years to life sentence inside Ironwood State Prison in Blythe.

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tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

"If the glove doesn't fit then you must aquit" - Johnny Cochran

 but with the dirty pool that the OCDA's office is using against people even when there is little or no evidence against the subject then it's not surprising. They are after all getting paid to put people in jail for crimes they have not committed.


What is with all the CREEPERS this week, and it's only wednesday! Ugh!

Sidenote- I wish the OC News would place a number count of comments on the main page where the date of the article is placed and the time.... Just my two cents. : )

tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

Not what I said at all and that it is you that implied that.

"The citizens have a right to protect themselves from the police". - OCDA Tony Rackaukas after the Kelly Thomas police murder.

"80 percent of all cops are criminals and violate the laws while they are on duty and are being paid to do so and be so by the city councils that employ them". 


@tongue_twister_for_t Please show your work!  I want to see that study that shows that 80% of cops are criminals.

I am sorry that you hate cops so much.  Please call someone else the next time you are in need of help for any reason


@tongue_twister_for_t  Yes everyone has the "right" to protect themselves from police, creepers, gangbangers so on and so on. However your orginal comment is a little off topic... And yes Tony Rackasskiss is an a-hole, but thats a different topic, this is about a creeper! What 38year old man do you know that invites young boys to his apartment  - Creepers do that's who.

tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

"For those of you that are without sin then let them cast the first stone". - Jesus Christ

But I am not a bible thumper!

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