Escort Said to Tell True Story of the Authors: an Orange County Call Girl and Her Favorite Client

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Describing themselves as "a Southern California bikini model-turned-call girl" and "a burned-out middle-aged rocket engineer," two Orange Countains have self-published a book with the provocative title, Escort: The True Story of an Orange County Call Girl.

Sacha Haughtee and Max Spacer say it's their first book and the first of an "Orange County Girls" trilogy from their Sacha and Max Publications, with the other planned books provocatively titled MILFs: The True Stories of Hot Orange County Mothers and Daddy I'm Your Daughter: The Story of an Orange County Love Child.

Laguna Niguel-based Sascha and Max Publications claims those are scheduled for spring 2014 and the end of 2014 respectively.

In the meantime comes Escort, now available on Amazon in print and e-book versions, that is narrated by the call girl and the engineer, who was her favorite client. "[T]he reader gets an inside look into their unlikely but true relationship that leads them to places that neither had planned on when they first met," reads the publishers' description.

"I wrote this book because I want to dispel some of the myths about escorts," Haughtee says in a statement announcing the publication.

Hard to believe, but Escort apparently includes adult content and bedroom humor. Spacer mentions in the same statement, "The reaction we get from readers is either, 'This is too dirty for me' or they say, 'Where is the sequel?' We're writing it as fast as we can."

I'm holding out for the miniseries.

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She is such an "empowered" woman. HA, a dirty hooker who now wants to be respected as an author. I'm sure the wives of her Johns are thinking she is respectable.


Why do women think its a career to strip/prostitute themselves, then "break their silence" with a tell all?  It adds nothing to society and just proves that a woman can make a living spreading her legs and talking about it.  If she brings down a powerful man in the process, all the better.


holly hunt of green girl saloon admitted some escort business and had one client paid over 120k just to have sex with her or some shit


Sacha Haughtee??? Really??? Could you have possibly picked a worse name, as a self-confessed escort?

If the pen names are anything to go by, this book should be a hoot, as in 'Captain Obvious to the rescue!'.

949girl topcommenter

Sounds like fiction.  I doubt this is a real story and the author(s) is probably the furthest thing from being an escort or engineer.  Could even be written by one person.  I agree with the comment below about using your real name. 

Dean Jacobs
Dean Jacobs

Are there other authors that wright about Orange County?


Thus enticing a hole new crop of hawt but stupid 20 somethings to post CL ads.  Ask the girls on Long Island how that worked out.

JGlanton topcommenter

Max Spacer?  That's the best name he could make up? Just nut it up, dude, use your real name and never pay for a drink in OC again.

Out of a sense of thoroughness I googled it anyway and got the following results:


Max spacer thickness for stock studs

Max spacer limit for longer studs

Max spacer before rubbing

Max spacer for flexible couplings

Injector heat and max spacer

Black Max spacer

etc. etc


It's clear that the name is all about sex online so this unimaginative guy stole his name from google searches.  It's hard damn work fact-checking these OCWeekly stories.

Then there is her name...ugh.

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