Tony Orlando to Perform at Nixon Presidential Library on July 4th

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Embalming Dick
Pop singer and 70s TV star Tony Orlando is scheduled to appear as a special guest at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda on July 4.

Orlando, a 69-year-old Republican who enjoyed exceptionally close ties to President Gerald R. Ford, will present the library with his "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" Gold Record for a display honoring Vietnam prisoners of war.

After Orlando's 11 a.m. performance, the library plans "a dazzling concert of patriotic favorities" by the 90-member Placentia Symphonic Band.

The holiday will conclude with a free workshop on how to burglarize the offices of your political opponents*.

On July 6, Nixon's library will host the Huntington Beach Concert Band.

Go HERE for the complete schedule of events.

*Kidding, I think. At least, the public schedule doesn't list this workshop.

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18usc241 topcommenter

Oh lovely - the Prez who paved the way for our shamelessly corrupt government is hosting an event for Vietnam POW's - the war he needlessly perpetuated. Happy Fourth!

JBinOC topcommenter

Oh man, this is great!!  Gotta check my Entertainment book and those racks in the lobbies of Anaheim motels for discount admission coupons!!

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