Marijuana: Miracle Cure For Crohn's Disease?

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Jay Brockman
Crohn's disease is a autoimmunity deficiency in the gastronomical tract that can cause anything from mild stomach pains to vomiting and in extreme cases, chronic bloody diarrhea. There's no cure for the disorder but now, researchers in Israel say they've found evidence that marijuana causes complete remission of the disease.

This news comes the Meir Medical Center in Israel, which treated 21 patients suffering from Crohn's disease. 11 of the patients smoked two joints per day of cannabis sativa, which the researchers believed would provide anti-inflammatory relief, while the other (unlucky) 10 were only given a placebo. "The marijuana plant Cannabis sativa has been reported to produce beneficial effects for patients with inflammatory bowel diseases, but this has not been investigated in controlled trials," the researchers argued. "We performed a prospective trial to determine whether cannabis can induce remission in patients with Crohn's disease."

Five of the 11 patients who smoked the weed, the study, which was published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, states, acheived "total remission" of their disease, whereas only four of the 10 patients who didn't smoke the pot reported only slight improvement of their condition. Needless to say, the study, while promising, only seems to suggest that more research should be undertaken. "Further studies, with larger patient groups and a nonsmoking mode of intake, are warranted," the scientists argued.

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paullucas714 topcommenter

Ive suffered form Ulcerative Colitis all my life. It was finally diagnosed as such in 1992 when I was finally hospitalized for a week with a severe episode that nearly killed me. The term ulcerative colitis is the traditional term that is now commonly known as Crohns disease. Until I started using cannabis [which required me to traverse my long held belief that using cannabis would nullify, at the time, my 15 years in the 12 step community]. { a powerful mindset difficult to overcome}, I would be hospitalized at least twice a year for my colitis outbreaks along with the inclusion of Fistulas that would lead to septicemia.

The term Crohns disease leaves out the descriptive terminology of Ulcerative (ulcers) Colitis (Inflamed Inflamed Ascending or Descending Colon (s). Basically it is as you say an Autoimmune disorder which is the overproduction of Histamines from the persons immune system that will attack and cause damage to healthy tissues. In this case the lining of the patients intestinal walls. Thus the bleeding, that is expressed in the presence of Occult blood or presence of blood in the patients stool that makes ones stool look like deep dark green black tar like substance along with the rancid smell of decayed tissue or blood.

The sit of action for the THC molecule is on the patients immune system in which the signals to that indicate the presence of a substance that is dangerous to the body tissues is focused to target only real invasive/ damaging organic chemicals.

With autoimmune disorders like colitis and or Chrohns the patients immune system targets the patients own healthy and normal tissues which result in the attacking of ones own body tissues. Thus the blood and inflamation.

By fine tuning the immune system THC will both reduce the frequency of Colitis Outbreaks as well as reduce the intensity of said outbreaks.

As you've stated, there is not cure for Ulcerative Colitis, or Crohns. However, since Ive started using cannabis, I have yet to be hospitalized for the internal bleeding that is this insidious disorders calling card. My outbreaks have been fewer and much further in between and made manageable with the traditional Rx, therapy of Sulfasalazine which also helps with my Rheumatoid Arthritis which is another disease caused by Autoimmune disease. Since using cannabis since 2009, I have only been hospitalized three times which were the result of the police taking my cannabis from me.

To that end, Ive nearly cut out all Rx painkilling meds such as Vicodin, etc in favor of Cannabis and I thin that fits my life of living in the 12 step traditions just fine.

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