Loretta Sanchez Calls On Republicans To End "Silly Season" Politics Over Immigration Reform

Rep. Sanchez speaking about public policy; Rohrabacher dreaming of re-enjoying peculiar male Pashtun cultural delights in Kandahar
After a House Hispanic Caucus meeting at the White House with President Barack Obama, Orange County Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez today blasted her Republican colleagues for blocking immigration reform.

"The silly season is over," Sanchez said in a press statement after the meeting.

The president has been plotting immigration reform legislation strategy with allies this week while an apparent majority of Republicans in Congress try to figure out if their strategy of routinely offending Latinos might someday prove successful at the ballot box.

Sanchez said she voiced concerns of her constituents about family reunification and blamed Republican House members for employing delay tactics.

"There is a path forward, but partisan Congressional Republicans cannot continue to procrastinate, putting up unnecessary roadblocks and hoping that this issue will simply go away," said Orange County's senior Democrat in Washington. "Silly season is over. The time to pass comprehensive immigration is now."

Sanchez cites several studies that claim to show that immigration reform will boost the U.S. economy.

"The benefits of action and the costs of the status quo are too high for us to sit on our hands," she said.

Costa Mesa's Dana Rohrabacher--Orange County's senior, career politician with the Three Stooges haircut and the Uncle Fester speaking cadence--says the last president who screwed up immigration was Ronald Reagan in 1986 and he's not willing to be so stupid.

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vegandawg23 topcommenter

What a tard. Guess we should all just sit back and let the loony dems wreck our nation because god forbid some fake republican in the OC loses a few illegal mexican votes. 

18usc241 topcommenter

And I call on Loretta Sanchez to ask the Anaheim / Garden Grove police departments, the Orange County Sheriffs department etc etc to end the "silly century + " of thinking that they are above the law simply because it's been allowed through corrupt and racist politicians, DA offices and courts. 

Harassment, intimidation, property destruction, deliberate reputation destruction, privacy violation and attempted murder AND/OR it's cover up are illegal to engage in while in their capacity as US law enforcement. 

If Loretta doesn't want to address such serious allegations from one of her Hispanic constituents then as far as I'm concerned she is part of the culture of corruption here. Her fundamental duty is to protect her constituents - period. And this law enforcement community appeared to care not a rat's behind that I reached out to her last year. 


Sanchez should shut the fuck up instead of taking bribes from the Union Piece of Shits

Mark Adams
Mark Adams

I agree with her,of course--we definitely need immigration reform--it needs to be much fairer than it is to allow for people who want to live in the US to do so...Free and open borders for anyone who wants to come to America to live--that would be the just and right way...

Bill Martin
Bill Martin

the article below is worse than being a whore

Bill Martin
Bill Martin

she is full of shit she is the congress person for santa ana the most hispanic city in the us she has done nothing since she has been in office and word is out she is a whore

Chris J Caroselli
Chris J Caroselli

Oh look at that, Filthy Sanchez is back with another I have a dream speech..I think she was better on the republican side, didn't pay as much but it beats standing outside Vons every week during campaign season.


1986 1% of our population

2013 10% of our population

this will destroy the USA....and the illegals will laugh all the way.

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