Tasha Tells All...On Her 5 Favorite Porn Starlets in the Industry Today!

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Every Monday, adult superstar/OC girl Tasha Reign gives us her thoughts on life, sex, politics and everything in between. Today, Tasha weighs in on her 5 favorite female porn superstars. Enjoy!

Five Girls in Porn You Should Look Out For!
By Tasha Reign

I've been performing in the industry for almost three years now this August, so to mark this anniversary, I want to pay it forward by highlighting 5 girls who I think are superstars in the industry.

Blondes, brunetters, boobs, natural, I love them all! I had to think long and hard about the girls on my list--I have tons more girls I look up to, who I think are fabulous and great performers but there's something about these vixens that I wanted you to know about! All of them come from LA Direct Models and I hope you enjoy my picks! Take a look and tell me what you think on twitter @tashareign, xoxo

Lexi Belle


Lexi Belle is the epitome of every parent's nightmare and the dream fantasy girl of every single hetero male. When I think of Lexi, I think of the cutest girl in porn and one that all of you guys and girls should know about! She's all-natural, extremely personable with her fans and true to her own style, unique in many ways and quirky. She's likeable for both men and women, because she is relatable but also wild and out-there all rolled up into one!

Spencer Scott


My bestie in the business and Playmate-turned-lesbian porn star--the prettiest girl in porn. Stunning, bleach blonde, curvy, huge boobs, tiny waist, lengthy and the face of an angel, Spencer Scott is every man's dream girl and every woman's girl of envy! Lucky for the ladies, Spencey is all about them and not only loves doing girl-girl films, but actually enjoys the experience, which translates into hotter films. In her newest release, Reign Over Me, she stars as one my best friends in a new epic girl-girl production for my company, Reign Productions" (soon available). Spencer is the only Playboy Playmate to go from being a centerfold model to a full blown hardcore adult actress--you go, girl!

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