Your Pothead Wish Was Granted: Clumps of Herb Wash Ashore at Irvine Cove Beach!

Wanted: the South County pothead who blew out birthday candles, rubbed the genie bottle and got the large end of the chicken breast bone.

Why? Because large clumps of cannabis started washing ashore in Laguna Beach this afternoon. It's a miracle!

Lifeguards at Irvine Cove Beach started reporting the bushels of marijuana rolling in with the surf at the north end around 1 p.m.

That ain't no kelp, Wavy Gravy!

They don't make lifeguards like they used to because these water loggers did not start grabbing handfuls and calling it a day. No, they called Laguna Beach police, who arrived to start impounding the loose leaves, according to Capt. Jason Kravetz.

The Columbos back at the station house have a theory: a smuggling boat lost its load or sank, although no signs of such a craft have been observed yet.

Meanwhile, much respect to the dude in tie dye and dreads standing sentry at Irvine Cove Beach, an Iron Eyes Cody tear running down his cheek ...

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paullucas714 topcommenter

damnman! Morton Irvine is sleepin on the job man.


Awww damn, that's that salt water sticky! Algae Kush muthafucka!

Adam Abrams
Adam Abrams

The wish had a catch, like all wishes do. The salt would make that ganj unsmokable. The cops might as well have taken it away, because it would have been pretty useless. Oh well, better luck next time.

Chris J Caroselli
Chris J Caroselli

Salt water kills just about everything contraband-related (especially coke). Google for how to use isopropyl alcohol and make isohash, you don't want to smoke that shit as-is because it'll be too contaminated.

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