Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Post Dueling Tags on a Baby Three-Peat (#not) Due in Newport Coast

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Newport Coast's Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, obviously enjoying a romantic European vacation, posted dueling social media messages on the possible arrival of a third "bimbo," which was not a reference to the couple swinging with an additional partner but, it seemed, a third child on the way. Hopes were high about a new little bundle of Mamba when Kobe posted the picture at right on his Instagram page with the note "3rd bimbo ;)?"

Alas, this morning, with an Instagram post on her own account that includes a photo from the Sunday mass they attended in Milan, Vanessa includes these hash tags: #Familia #Faith #Milan #Italy #Goaliestillingoal #NotPregnant.

Cheers to the couple playing around with themselves and their followers. Things sure have changed in a decade: On July 18, 2003, the Lakers superstar was charged with sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman at a Colorado spa. He famously bought the Mrs. a huge rock, and prosecutors famously dropped the case.

What am I talking about? Things sure have changed since last year, when Vanessa filed for divorce. The parents of two daughters obviously reconciled.

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They really deserve each other. May they stay together forever and ever.

949girl topcommenter

If there is one thing I am certain about it's that he will always be cheating on her. 

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